Dushanbe - Post Report Question and Answers

Is high-speed home Internet access available? How long does it typically take to install it after arrival?

Yep, through about three different companies. Internet service in Tajikistan is slow, unreliable, and expensive. Nonetheless, if you are willing to put up with ubiquitous service interruptions, it's definitely possible to stream movies. The apartment building is wired for fiber, and I usually got at least 6-7 mbps on the 20 mbps connection I subscribed to. - Aug 2021

High speed internet is readily available and can be set up with minimal hassle through the Embassy Association. The actual speed fluctuates, but it generally supports streaming and has become much more reliable during our time here. - Apr 2021

Yes. It can be installed quickly. - Jun 2020

Internet yes, high speed no. You can use Netflix or iTunes if you're patient -- start your download earlier in the day. - Dec 2016

The first year I was there I got less than 100kbs limited to 10gb a month for about US$100. After 1 year T-Cell started selling a package that was 300k-400k and 40 gb a month for US$100. Internet sucks but at least you can stream when the connection is decent now. - Dec 2015

Yes. Cost was not horrid - maybe US$50-100 month. - Jun 2014

Our internet was fine. We streamed videos all of the time. There were times when it went down but Skype was a godsend for us. The cost was nothing. - Mar 2014

Yes. Technically. Service providers are corrupt and provide horrible customer service. It is not uncommon to have service cut off for no reason, rates raised with no notification, etc. - Oct 2013

They have medium-band internet, it seems quite slow compared to the US. The cost is a little less than the US. - Jan 2012

$60/mo for DSL with a 2G limit on downloads. If you want more, you pay more. Be careful going over - it really adds up! Speed is not really enough for video. - Jun 2009

Yes. It's OK for speed, about US$50 a month for 1GB of downloading--they charge by the amount you download here. - Jul 2008

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