Dushanbe - Post Report Question and Answers

What household or grocery items do you wish you had shipped to post?

Good peanut butter is only available at select times, and if you like specific American-brand snack foods, you probably won't find them in Tajikistan. Pasta sauce is expensive and not always amazing. The best beer in the country is probably Stella or Hoegarten. And paper products are definitely lower quality. If you are picky about brands and specialized foods, ship them. If you're willing to improvise or compromise, you probably don't need to ship that much. - Aug 2021

Definitely ship peanut butter, maple syrup, and canned tomatoes and black beans. - Apr 2021

Most things can be ordered through the mail, except wine. The selection of wine here is limited. - Jun 2020

Kitchen utensils, esp. anything baking-related.

Good chocolate, I guess -- the local stuff is all Russian, even if it has some other label on it. - Dec 2016

Amazon.com is only a mouse click away. Any specialty food products you want will need to be shipped. - Dec 2015

I'd just do it like last time and ship wine, vegan foods, and clothes. (Clothes are either super horrid quality from China or super expensive, and made to fit teeny Tajik women with no body fat.) - Jun 2014

Ziploc bags and peanut butter, snacks and chips are also a must. - Mar 2014

Dishwashing powder; it cost $17.00 for a small box in Dushanbe. Bring any seasoning you might like from home. I am so glad we brought a lot of consumables. When the vegetables disappear in the winter, I go to our food storage and cook from that. - Jan 2012

I shipped everything I own, and I would do it again. Comsumables are a must if you have them. Outdoor furniture - the only stuff available here is cheap and plastic. - Jun 2009

Mexican food, diapers, spices...pretty much anything you really feel like you need. It's probably not here, and you will miss it! - Jul 2008

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