Dushanbe - Post Report Question and Answers

How do you send and receive your letters and package mail? Are local postal facilities adequate?

I used pouch only and it usually took 4-6 weeks for things to arrive. Some people think DPO is quicker but it's never been for me. I hear that DHL has recently returned to Tajikistan after a 4-year hiatus of no international shipping companies whatsoever. That may provide another option. - Aug 2021

Mail delivery has actually gotten worse while we've been here. We were a pouch only post when we arrived, and then they added DPO. Now we're part of a hub and spoke model that operates out of Almaty. All of our mail goes there, then gets put on a truck and comes overland. Normal delivery times are about 3 weeks-ish. COVID has impacted this (as it has a lot of things). We used to fly the mail from Almaty which was maybe faster, maybe not depending on flight schedules. We don't have any cargo to speak of coming directly to the Dushanbe airport anymore. - Apr 2021

I use diplomatic mail service. - Jun 2020

I use the UN pouch system. I tested the local postal system with a letter to the US -- it did arrive but took about 90 days. - Dec 2016

Embassy pouch - Dec 2015

Through embassy mail. - Jun 2014

Pouch. It was our lifeline but because of corruption, many deliveries were delayed. The delay can be as bad as 16 weeks. - Mar 2014

Pouch. The service on this has been quite inconsistent. That would be ok and understandable but in this particular case, communication is horrible from the IMO so we never know quite what is going on. - Oct 2013

The Embassy receives the post by pouch. You can order online and can return these items by pouch. Be aware if you want to send something by pouch it can only weigh up to 2 lb. and be very small in size. - Jan 2012

We have pouch. Otherwise, DHL is expensive, and Tajik post is unreliable, as you would expect. (Although expats do use it.) - Jun 2009

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