Dushanbe - Post Report Question and Answers

What kinds of gyms or other sports/workout facilities are available? Are they expensive?

There are local gyms that some people use, but I don't know the pricing. The Embassy gym is inadequate in my opinion. The gym at the apartment building is quite nice, with a few treadmills, spin bikes, and good set of weights. - Aug 2021

Public gyms are still off limits due to COVID, but there was/is a Cross-fit type gym that embassy employees frequented as well as X-Fit that has a climbing wall, indoor pool, and large workout areas. We've not used either, so I can't comment on pricing. - Apr 2021

The city offers a number of upscale gyms that vary widely in price. I don't belong to any gyms, but I think the hotel gyms with pools are about US $200 per month. I think other gyms run about US $50-100 per month. - Jun 2020

Don't use them myself, but I know there are several that are used by expats. - Dec 2016

Yes, US$100 a month. - Dec 2015

There is a ridiculously expensive, small gym at the Hyatt. And other gyms throughout the city are weird and segregated. Bring your own fitness equipment. - Jun 2014

The Embassy has a gym and there are lots of options around town. - Mar 2014

Yes. The embassy has facilities and the AEA will be taking it over so there will be a few. The Hyatt has facilities but it is very expensive to use. - Oct 2013

There are a few gyms and workout facilities. - Jan 2012

There is a gym at the Hyatt that costs a fortune (something like $300/month) and one at the Asia Grand Hotel that is cheaper but nowhere near as nice. Sometimes there are aerobics or yoga classes at the embassy. The Indian Embassy sponsors yoga and dance classes. Tajikistan is a tae kwon do powerhouse, so you can take lessons from a world champion for next to nothing. - Jun 2009

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