Dushanbe - Post Report Question and Answers

What are some interesting/fun things to do in the area? Can you recommend any “hidden gems"?

Lots of people go skiing at Safed Dara, the only ski resort. It's not great, but you can rent all of the equipment and get a set of lift tickets for about $30. Definitely go watch a buzkashi match (Central Asian polo/chaos played with the carcass of a goat instead of a ball). And go to the mountains. Seriously, why would you move to Tajikistan if you don't like hiking or exploring the mountains? The country is 93% covered with them! I thought they were every bit as beautiful as Nepal, Peru, or other really touristy places. - Aug 2021

Lake Iskandarkul, Seven Lakes (Haft Kul), Lake Kulikalon, Lake Timadora, Childuktaron, the Pamirs, and more! - Jun 2020

Go to the fountain in front of the Opera-Ballet at eight o'clock on a summer evening, and watch the light and music display. It's not spectacular, but it's very pleasant -- families come out and take the cool evening air, kids running around, and there's a pretty good ice cream shop half a block away.

More generally, if you like hiking, skiing, and mountain-y activities, you've come to a good place. Most of the country is mountains. Facilities are usually pretty basic, but if you don't mind that, you can have a lot of interesting experiences. - Dec 2016

Go to Uzbekistan and see the silk road cities. - Dec 2015

Some folks enjoyed watching Bushkashi, but I'm a vegan and that always kinda bothered me. If you hike or are a crazy, safety-ignoring skiier/adventurer, you can have fun in the mountains. Unfortunately, I am a city gal and had a horrendous time. - Jun 2014

Join the Hash, hike in some of the most beautiful mountains on the planet, enjoy the food, the people and the opportunities. Our favorite spots were Morning Star every Saturday morning for waffles, eggs and and awesome cookies, Salsa is a great Tex-Mex spot and Sigafredos for pasta and fries. - Mar 2014

Hiking, the hash and traveling outside of the city are about all that is available. The Embassy is having a pool constructed and the employee association is very aware of the need for more facilities, but they are brand new and bringing new services to post - like a commissary which may take some time. - Oct 2013

Hiking in the mountains. There is supposed to be a ski slope, I hear it is old and somewhat dangerous. People tend to gather in homes for parties and social functions. - Jan 2012

Tajikistan is paradise for outdoor types. There is great hiking quite near Dushanbe, camping, rock climbing and kayaking. There is even a creaky ski lift. Road trips around the country. (These are slow due to poor roads, but really fun). Hash House Harriers are active. Barbeques, poker nights, scotch club, book club, swimming in rivers, game nights. Piano and language lessons. "Guesting" at Tajik homes, going to weddings, drinking tea, eating plov, shopping for Soviet art, bazaars, cooking with delicious fruits and veggies. The expat community is very close knit and social. You will meet everyone if you want to. - Jun 2009

Make your own fun. There is a relatively active Hash for running and drinking, a group that hikes many Sundays, some expat clubs. For the party scene, there is a few really bad clubs that most people end up avoiding. Ex-pats tend to eat out at friend's houses or in one of the very few restaurants that won't make you too sick. It is what you make of it, though! - Jul 2008

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