Dushanbe - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the overall climate: is it extremely hot or cold, wet or dry, at any time of year, for example?

Extremely hot in the summer (up to 107), mild in the winter (often 40s), and absolutely lovely in spring and fall. It's super dry, though, so even on the hottest days it's pleasant at night. Dushanbe gets 300 days of sun a year and you will hardly ever see rain in the summer. It's a great place for outdoor dining and hanging out from April until November. - Aug 2021

Winter temperatures are similar to DC with occasional snow. Spring tends to be wet, and it quickly transitions to a long, hot, dry summer. Pack lotion (even if you don't normally need it) and give consideration to hair products that limit static. - Apr 2021

Dushanbe experiences all four seasons. Winters in the city are fairly temperate. Summers are very hot (dry heat) during the day, but pleasant after dark. - Jun 2020

Long hot dry summers -- it may not rain a drop between June and October -- followed by cold winters with rain and snow. Dushanbe handles it pretty well but if you're traveling in the provinces, keep an eye out for landslides. - Dec 2016

It is dry and warm. In the winter, Dushanbe may have some snow flurries but it usually melts immediately. - Dec 2015

HOT in the summer and variable in winter. The 2 winters I was there we had a fair amount of snow but no horrid cold temperatures. - Jun 2014

It can get dusty in the summer because of the dry heat, but it never affected our mood. It's a very dry climate. - Mar 2014

Very hot and very dry in the summer. Damp and cold in the winter with some snow fall. - Oct 2013

Fall is sunny and dry. They have occasional rain storms in the fall and spring. The winters are harsh, temperatures fall to the teens, with a fair amount of snow and damp. In the spring it's very nice, in the 60-70's. In the summer, very hot, up to 120 degrees and dry. - Jan 2012

Normally: mild, wet winter, hot, dry summer (high 90s F and above every day), lovely spring and dusty, pleasant fall. There are exceptions, though, and they are tough on the Tajiks. - Jun 2009

Hot in the summer (105F, even more possible) and very cold last winter (-20F, usually not that cold.) - Jul 2008

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