Dushanbe - Post Report Question and Answers

What English-language religious services are available locally?

I believe there is a small Catholic community that met before Covid, but that's pretty much it. Tajikistan is 98% Muslim. - Aug 2021

There is a small Catholic church that holds an English language service weekly, but I'm not aware of any other formal religious gatherings. I believe some individuals hold services in their homes. - Apr 2021

I have only heard of one Catholic service per week. - Jun 2020

One small Catholic church near the airport. There's a bigger Russian Orthodox church -- services in Russian, of course. There's a missionary community but I don't know what they get up to. - Dec 2016

None - Dec 2015

I believe there is an English-language Catholic service from time-to-time, but I am not certain. - Jun 2014

There was one Catholic Church at the time we were there. - Mar 2014

None that I know of. - Oct 2013

Nothing official, people meet in their homes. There are quite a few denominations, not sure which ones. - Jan 2012

There is a Catholic church with English mass and, I believe, a Protestant one as well. - Jun 2009

There is at least one English language service in a Church. I know several people who go regularly. There are absolutely no Jewish services here: the synagogue was recently torn down, but there were very few Jews left before that. No kosher meat or cheese, no mikvah, no real Jewish resources at all. Muslim: there are multiple mosques in the city. Most Tajiks don't often go, and you will see no women at a mosque here. There were some LDS people who set up their own Sunday meetings, but they have gone now--but it can be done! - Jul 2008

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