Dushanbe - Post Report Question and Answers

Are credit cards widely accepted and safe to use locally? Are ATMs common and do you recommend using them? Are they safe to use?

I used my credit card at a couple grocery stores and major hotels only. Tajikistan is almost entirely a cash economy. You can easily get cash from the Embassy cashier, or there is now an ATM in the Embassy that accepts Visa. A couple ATMs around town seem to work with international debit cards, but it's always hit or miss whether there is money in them. - Aug 2021

We do not use credit cards at all locally - cash only. There is an ATM at the embassy (recently installed), as well as at the major hotels that are generally safe to use. Many people get both US cash and somoni at the Embassy cashier. - Apr 2021

I don't think credit cards are widely accepted, but they can be used at grocery stores and hotel restaurants and spas. I only know of two ATMs that colleagues commonly use. - Jun 2020

ATMs are everywhere. You can get cash in the local currency (somoni) at any ATM. However, the withdrawal limit is 1000 somoni at a time, which right now is about $130.

If you want to get dollars, this has become much more difficult in the last 18 months -- local ATMs used to distribute them, but they've stopped. There's still an ATM at the Hyatt that will give up to $400 at a time.

Think twice before using a credit card -- this is the former Soviet Union, and credit card fraud is pretty common (or so we're told). Avoid unless you have no choice and it's a reputable business like a large hotel. - Dec 2016

Use the ATM at the Embassy, the Hyatt, or the Sheridan. - Dec 2015

Safer than I was told. Most places take credit cards now and one can always go to the Embassy or Hyatt for a safe ATM. - Jun 2014

It's a cash economy...The only spot in which we used Credit Cards was at the Hyatt. - Mar 2014

You can, but cash is preferred. US$ is also preferred over local currency when paying local staff, etc. - Oct 2013

There is an ATM most American use at the Hyatt Regency Hotel. - Jan 2012

A few hotels take credit cards, but that's it. There are several ATMs around town. They occasionally run out of cash, but I haven't heard of any fraud. It is a cash economy. - Jun 2009

Basically doesn't exist. There are a few places that relatively recently have these, but ex-pats in general DO NOT use them. - Jul 2008

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