Dushanbe - Post Report Question and Answers

Would someone with physical disabilities have difficulties living in this city?

Yes, definitely. Lots of uneven/broken sidewalks, and Tajikistan is extremely mountainous. - Aug 2021

Yes, as sidewalks (when available) are in poor repair and generally uneven. - Apr 2021

Yes. - Jun 2020

Definitely yes. Tajikistan has not signed the international convention on the Rights of People With Disabilities, and it shows. Very few buildings are disability-friendly. - Dec 2016

Yes, this place has old, crumbling Soviet infrastructure. - Dec 2015

Definitely. The sidewalks were in very poor repair and in winter the ice was treacherous. There were several stores I simply could not enter during winter because of the slick stairs and lack of support. One of my colleagues almost died after slipping on ice, cracking his head open and having no adequate medical care. - Jun 2014

Sidewalks are pretty bad so I'd have to say that it would be difficult. - Mar 2014

Yes. Roads and sidewalks are inconsistent. Wide doors and elevators are often inconsistent or unavailable. - Oct 2013

There are no accommodations for physical disabilities in this city. - Jan 2012

Tons! There are very few sidewalks, and they are potholed too. There are almost no accomodations for disabled people. - Jun 2009

Getting around is tough with a stroller, so I can imagine it would be tough with any physical disability. There are rarely elevators--that work anyway. - Jul 2008

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