Dushanbe - Post Report Question and Answers

Is this a good city for single people? For couples? For families? Why or why not?

Mostly families at post right now, and I think a lot of their kids play together. It can be isolating for singles. If you're looking to date here, you're probably going to have trouble. - Aug 2021

It honestly depends on your interests. Dushanbe is a great city for getting outside and enjoying nature. If you enjoy that, you'll have a good time regardless of your family status. There seems to be a good mix of singles and families at post right now. - Apr 2021

I'm told that single guys can have a pretty active social life if they want to. Families do okay. There are a lot of expat families with small kids and with school-age kids here. - Dec 2016

Good for single men who speak Russian or Tajik or for families with small children. - Dec 2015

The families seemed very happy here. Tajiks love children, and on top of that the Embassy has lots of programs and such for families with kiddos. As a single person, I can say - no way, man. Actually, let me revise. Single men seemed to love it because Tajik women are stunningly beautiful and (forgive me) are eager to get to the U.S. For single women? One of the worst places on earth!!! - Jun 2014

It is what it is and if you go there with the right attitude, it can be a great experience. The number of decent restaurants was increasing and my kids quickly found plenty of friends. My wife and I loved the Hash. - Mar 2014

I think it is easier on families than couples. But it is so expensive to fly out that it is tough on familes buying multiple tickets if you want to travel aside from your R&R. - Oct 2013

You need to have plenty of ideas of things to do on your own, since it is a lonely city for anyone. Many spouses leave post when/if they cannot find a job. There is very little to do at post. Hiking is great in the spring and fall. You can find your niche if you try. - Jan 2012

As a member of a couple, this city has been great. Most of our friends are single and are pretty happy, although the dating pool is really, really small and everyone will know your business. Young families also seem happy, although they have to make their own fun since there is not a lot for kids to do. All and all, I think this is a good place for anyone who is outgoing and ready for an adventure. - Jun 2009

Depends. There is not much at all to do. You have to make your own fun quite literally!There are a few options to do with kids, but it is definitely lacking. A relatively new indoor playground has opened for kids, there is the zoo that has had recent bear maulings, and you can leave the city in the summer and spring to go out to one of the outlying villages where there are nice places to relax. The Russian Embassy apparently has a playground, and one is planned at the American Embassy, but none of the ones in the city are good for kids to play on: they are generally made from poured concrete and the - Jul 2008

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