Harare - Post Report Question and Answers

What do you wish you had known about this particular city/country before moving there?

How that most of the interest in serving in Zimbabwe is based on a reputation that was valid 20 years ago and, in my opinion, no longer applies. - Jan 2024

We would have explored earlier rather than trying to settle first. Bring a solar pool cover in your HHE. Be sure to bring a jacket/blanket because it does get chilly in the winter in your stone house. - May 2021

How much would be available at the grocery store. - Feb 2020

Tough to say, because things here can change on a dime. When we were getting ready to come, we were talking to people who were here 2013-2017 and thought it was such a hidden gem. It’s quickly becoming a very different situation now. Many of the nice things have remained, but people are justifiably very anxious about what comes next with the economy. So I would say, talk to people who are here NOW, not five or ten or twenty years ago. It was a different place then and it will be a different place tomorrow. - Feb 2019

The capital is extremely slow paced and there is not a "foodie" culture here despite all the fresh food. - Apr 2018

Poor quality of secondary level education at the international school. - Jul 2017

People are very friendly but do not speak directly, so often hard to know what they really mean. - Apr 2016

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