Harare - Post Report Question and Answers

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The diplomatic community, with our access to foreign currency salaries, truly lives in a bubble here. Even the upper middle class types are struggling right now. As I write this, we are in the midst of a full blown economic crisis. Have to keep that in mind while we sip cocktails at dusk and be sensitive when discussing first world problems around locals. Hopefully things will get better. - Feb 2020

Our 10 year old daughter loved it, she had a lots of friends and loved the outdoors in Zim. The locals are lovely and beautiful. We still keep in touch with our housekeeper and her daughter. - Sep 2017

So much potential but unfortunately one of the few countries where the people were much better off twenty years ago. - Jul 2017

Zim is a total hidden gem. It's Africa without all of the hassle you find in places like Kinshasa and Lagos.You can bring your family and feel safe doing it.Great place to introduce them to Africa. - Jul 2017

People fall in love with this country, keep an open mind and explore! - Apr 2016

We love it here. It has been by far one of our most favorite posts!! The people are fabulous, the climate is great, the options for activities abound, the housing is excellent. All in all I highly recommend it! - Sep 2008

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