Harare - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the availability of international schools? What has been your general experience with them, if any?

Harare International School (HIS) is the supported school. There is also a French school and there are various local private schools, most of which have a religious angle. In my opinion, HIS academics are mediocre at best. Discipline is a serious problem, and in my opinion, it seems that rich Zimbabweans get away with violence at school. Facilities at HIS are in poor shape, and they don't have basic things that most international schools should have, like a real running track. - Jan 2024

Most children go to HIS or St. Johns. Pre-school children often go to Country Stables. - May 2021

We are happy with Harare International School. Good teachers. Sometimes the administration seems disorganized. - Feb 2020

Harare International School is IB and seems to be fine, no big complaints. English language instruction and French/Spanish classes. They have lots of electives and after school activities on their giant beautiful campus, which is nice. - Feb 2019

Harare International School was perfect for our daughter- she did 3rd and 4th grade there. Loved it. Beautiful campus, good teachers, IB program is good. The one concern we had was a seemingly low priority on mathematics. She took Spanish and French and swam on the swim team. There was also a French school which we heard decent things about, although it's smaller than HIS. - Sep 2017

Harare Interntional School pretends to be an IB school. For kids going to pre-primary and primary it is pretty much OK. Secondary is a completely different story - it should never be accredited by IBO as the school just is not up to standard. They're just an American school with some attempts to use IB slogans without really having the capacity to deliver. They try to do things cheaply (e.g. opting for local teachers with little or no IB experience in charge of diploma classes) while charging huge fees. Many of the teachers are just not qualified enough to deal professionally with the IB curriculum. Until recent changes school management were a disgrace. There are some positive signs of improvement under new management. - Jul 2017

Good education at the Harare international school.Some kids went to the French school, but they are on a different schedule which means vacations are hard to coordinate some times. - Jul 2017

Lots of good schools in Harare - Apr 2016

There is a well regarded international school - 65% expat, 35% local that has a U.S. curriculum. - Dec 2013

Harare International School is the only accredited school here. http://www.his-zim.com We have children in the lower grades (up to 4th). The children love the school and the teachers. We are impressed with the teachers with whom we've dealt, for the most part. The grounds are amazing. Manicured lawns and palm trees surround the buildings, and peacock and guinea fowl roam the grounds. There are ample playgrounds for younger children, a large sports field and gymnasium, and quite soon a swimming pool. As with every international school we've dealt with thus far, there is drama between the parents and school. I prefer to stay involved by attending PTO meetings when possible. - Jul 2013

OK. - Dec 2008

Children not school age but i hear that everyone pretty much loves Harare International School and its a gorgeous well equipped campus. - Sep 2008

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