Harare - Post Report Question and Answers

What are the particular advantages of living in this city?

Weather, people, small town, big houses. - May 2021

Harare is rightfully considered a gem in the expat/diplomatic community. You get the perks of being in a hardship post, but yet life is actually quite comfortable. Great weather, safe, nice people, nice shops/restaurants (though not a "foodie" town), no malaria risk in the city, easy access to Johannesburg and the developed world, and amazing outdoor adventures abound. - Feb 2020

Climate, small town atmosphere, and safety. - Feb 2019

Weather, HIS was a good school, big houses and yards (outside city), nice people, generally felt safe. - Sep 2017

No traffic jams, climate, Harare is a very green city. - Jul 2017

Perfect weather, amazing travel opportunities, rich culture and warm people. - Apr 2016

It's relaxing. No air pollution, very little traffic, polite people, balmy weather, sunny skies. - Dec 2013

Special advantages of living in Harare include the weather (I am looking outside to another sunny day in the dead of winter, deciding shorts or jeans), convenient game drives, availability of quality food in groceries (and sheer selection of grocery stores), and quiet lifestyle. Check out the stats on wikipedia sometime about population. - Jul 2013

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