Harare - Post Report Question and Answers

What is your home city/country? How long is the trip to post from there, with what connections? How easy/difficult is it to travel to this city/country?

Flights out of Zimbabwe are limited. All flights off the continent connect through South Africa, Ethiopia, or Zambia. Zimbabwe has direct flights to seven countries, and all of them are in southern or eastern Africa. Traveling off the continent involves long flights with long, unpleasantly timed layovers, and the flights themselves are rather unreliable. - Jan 2024

Southern United States, about 23-25 hours. If you do not have pets, you can transit Johannesburg. If not, best route would be Harare to Addis Ababa to Washington, DC via Ethiopian/United codeshare. - May 2021

Washington, DC. It's close to 24 hours, with a few different route options. Harare is just a one hour flight from Johannesburg, which connects you to the rest of the world. Direct flights to Cape Town, Lusaka, Nairobi, Addis, only a few others from Harare. - Feb 2020

US. I underestimated how difficult it is to travel here. It’s a MINIMUM of 20 hrs to get to the States (most direct routing, no delays, minimal connections) but can be well over 30 depending on where you’re going. If you are flying with pets, it’s another level of difficulties. - Feb 2019

Home City - Washington, DC. The trip is LONG about 22 hours. My spouse and I try to make it manageable by adding a rest stop overnight. The route we took was from DC to Dubai to Harare via Emirates. There is a 30 minute stop in Lusaka to clean the plane and let some passengers on, but you do not get off the plane. My mom came to visit from Brooklyn, NY. She took a route from NY to Johannesburg to Harare (and still had a stopover in Lusaka). We adopted a dog in Harare and the routes with pets are different. Overall, we have been told to avoid transiting your pet through South Africa. - Apr 2018

California. Miserable trip to get back to the states. - Sep 2017

Door to door it is 20+ hours. - Jul 2017

Zim is 36 hours to the U.S. via Joburg, give or take a couple of hours. - Jul 2017

Home base is London - it's an easy trip, best options are via Johannesburg on South African Airways, via Dubai on Emirates or via Addis Ababa on Ethiopian Airlines. All take at least 20 hours, more depending on stopovers. - Apr 2016

Seattle. 22 hours. Either via Amsterdam or via Jo'burg-Atlanta. - Dec 2013

Our home base is Fairfax, VA (basically Washington, D.C.) and the trip was some 19 hours with a direct flight from Dulles (IAD) to Johannesburg and a connection up to Harare. - Jul 2013

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