Is this a good city for LGBT expatriates? Why or why not?

Within the expat community, fine, but local views on LGBT seem very retrograde, and not many leaders seem willing to take a stand on the issue, even if privately they seem tolerant. The head of a major school where some Embassy kids go got outed and removed in a big scandal, and is now a fellow at Harvard (Google the story). - Feb 2020

No. Government seems hostile to same-sex relationships. Your same-sex partner, married or not, will not get accreditation. - Jan 2019

Not really--President Mugabe is openly anti LGBT. - Sep 2017

Zimbabwe is very conservative when it comes to LGBT but in practice there are no major problems. - Jul 2017

It's ok. Officially it's illegal and the President has been known to speak out against homosexuality, but Zimbabweans tend to be accepting overall and I know a number of gay people who live here for years without any issues. There is a local organization called GALZ (Gays and Lesbians of Zimbabwe) which can be contacted for more info. - Apr 2016

Same sex acts are illegal and attract jail sentences, and the president crudely rails against homosexuals occasionally, so be careful. See, However, I've known several gay people here in my two assignments--direct hires, LES, and local Zimbabweans--who live normal, although quiet lives. - Dec 2013

I would avoid Zimbabwe if you are LGBT. Mugabe is not know for his tolerance. - Jul 2013

There is a lot of homophobia among some Zimbabweans, but I know one gay couple here who has loved it. - Jun 2009

No. - Dec 2008

Yes and no. It is TECHNICALLY illegal but I have lots of gay friends and they live together and wuite openly are together and there is a sizable gay community considering how small a place it is. - Sep 2008

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