What are some interesting/fun things to do in the area? Can you recommend any “hidden gems"?

You can see many great animals including an amazing pangolin at Wild is Life in Harare (and sip cocktails at the end -- great date night). - Feb 2020

It's all good. Manapools game count was super awesome for husband, but me--not so much. - Sep 2017

Lots of outdoors opportunities, hiking, safari parks, Mukuvizi park in Harare, HIFA festival, theater, horse races - and lots of golf courses - Jul 2017

In the city there is theater, literature, modern art and live music, as well as good restaurants, film festivals, food festivals and lots of cultural events. Just a few minutes out of town are amazing places like Domboshawa and Ngomakurira. Lots of travel opportunities around Zimbabwe - the Great Zimbabwe ruins are recommended for history buffs. National parks of course and travel to neighboring countries such as Mozambique, Zambia and Namibia. - Apr 2016

Game drives. They'll change the way you look at zoos forever. - Dec 2013

Day Trips: - hiking up the rocks at Domboshawa (20 minutes north of town) or Ngomakurira (45 minutes north of town) - Lake Chivero for the bird sanctuary or Snake World (1 hour west of town) or game drive - Mukivisi Woodlands for game walk (guided) Overnight: - Lake Kyle, Matopos (Matobo) National Park, Rock Pools, Nyanga A few days: - Victoria Falls - Hwange National Park - Chimanimani - Ghonrezhou (sp?) - Lake Kariba - Kariba Ferry *Check out www.zimparks.org for more info on lodges and camping Longer: - Drive to Vilanculos, Mozambique (12+ hours) - Jul 2013

Hiking, barbeques, weekend trips to the mountains, national parks, lakes. - Jun 2009

The list is growing shorter every day. Golf is cheap and Cape Town is near. - Dec 2008

Tons of hiking, safari, hunting, lots of restaraunts even if they aren't fabulous, parties and social gatherings, craft fairs, etc....also have movies, plays and other cultural events. - Sep 2008

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