Harare - Post Report Question and Answers

Are there any unusual problems with insects or other infestations in housing?

Yes. Rodents, venomous spiders, venomous snakes, mosquitos, termites, poisonous toads/frogs, flies that lay eggs in your skin... this is a short list of pests, every single one of which will be a problem inside and around your home, probably repeatedly/persistently. A notice recently informed the Embassy community that these issues are our responsibilities and we are on our own (but we're not allowed to contract our own exterminators...). Most homes have huge gaps under/around doors and windows and big holes in the walls. Monkeys are a problem (and a dangerous one) for some residences, but not all, as far as I can tell. - Jan 2024

Spiders called flatties (Selenopidae) were abundant, but harmless. Small lizards often came into the house and cane rats visited the yard on occasion. - May 2021

Big harmless flat spiders that usually just sit still high on your wall are common. Ants now and then. Flies. Mosquitos (though Harare is safe from malaria due to elevation, not true for other parts of country). Adorable millipedes. termites (flying ones emerge from the ground and fill the air after the first rains). - Feb 2020

Nothing too bad, the giant flat spiders are not as bad as some previous people seemed to feel, they keep to themselves and aren’t aggressive. We get geckos in our house sometimes. We had some giant cane rats in the yard, but I think they are nocturnal because we almost never see them. - Feb 2019

Ants and termites. And lots of flattie spiders. Did I say lots? If you have a spider phobia, you better bring your meds. - Jan 2019

There are flying ants that are around during the rainy season. Keep your door closed if you have the lights on in your house. Keep your yard free from garden mess, as there are LARGE cane rats that will come onto your property. There are a large flat spiders that are everywhere in your house when it is dark. Make sure you housekeeper cleans their webs with a vaccum. The spiders don't bother people, but they just look creepy. - Apr 2018

Ants kept a constant path on the walls of our kitchen and we just left them alone. They didn't invade the food. Lots of flat scary-looking wall spiders but they don't bite that I know of. - Sep 2017

The northern part of Harare (where all expats live) is infested with termites. Then the usual ants, some mosquitos depending on the season. Overall not bad. - Jul 2017

Ants are frequent visitors. We just let them do their thing. - Jul 2017

Not much. Harare is outside the malaria zone (though a few cases are reported each year) - generally malaria i not a problem except for when you travel to certain parts of the country. - Apr 2016

Very few flying insects. Most houses don't have screens; they aren't necessary. - Dec 2013

House flies are horrendous here, and most houses don't have screens. Bring good electric fly zapper rackets and effective fly tape or traps. Do not cook with the windows open, especially in Oct-Nov. Mosquitos are annoying, but Harare is too high to be a malaria area. Mosquito nets are available on the local market, but if you prefer something, bring it with. In the city, we mostly don't have to worry about any other insects; the occasional ants are tolerable. There are occasional bee infestations, and wasps, but nothing different than what North American has to offer. - Jul 2013

Some mosquitoes, but not many in Harare. If you go into the Zambezi valley in the north or Lowveld in the south though, watch out! - Jun 2009

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