What is the typical dress code at work and in public places? Is formal dress ever required?

Office environment is formal or business casual. Generally they follow British customs (judges still wear horsehair white wigs!). - Feb 2020

Business at work. Formal is never required. - Feb 2019

Dress is business casual. Formal dress may be required for certain government meetings. - Apr 2018

Depends on where you work. Business folks wear suits. - Sep 2017

Semi-formal- - Jul 2017

Suit and tie in diplomatic settings. - Jul 2017

smart casual, though Zimbabweans like to dress up for business - Apr 2016

Coat and tie for men at the Embassy, however, most of your contacts won't be wearing such. - Dec 2013

Dress code at work is smart business and in public is casual. You can spot a Rhodie by the board shorts, flip flops and t-shirt. - Jul 2013

Business at work, casual around town. Not as dressy or elegant as many African countries. - Jun 2009

European type dress. - Dec 2008

Zimbabweans dress fairly conservative for work, many expats do not. - Sep 2008

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