What are some typical ways to socialize, either with local people or with other expatriates? Are there groups or clubs that you can recommend?

There isn't a huge nightlife or cultural scene (though Zim does have great artists; I highly recommend checking out the multiple art shows per year), but many sporting and outdoors-themed groups - Feb 2020

Few groups and clubs, people seem to make their own fun, barbecue, swim, hang out... - Feb 2019

The CLO organizes monthly coffee hours, wine/cheese, and mixers with other embassies. Check the Elephant ear biweekly newsletter for all the activities. There are sewing clubs, kennel clubs, golf clubs, etc. - Apr 2018

Everyone loves to "braai" (BBQ)...parties at personal homes is common--lots of bars and restaurants too. Some restaurants have game (trivia) night, lots of people go on safari or to Vic Falls, golf, hunting etc... I think there was salsa dancing, running groups and often yoga classes. - Sep 2017

Outdoor activities, hiking, local safari parks and further away Vic Falls. Every once a while there is music concert. Once a year a great festival (HIFA) with lots of music, theater, dance, etc. - Jul 2017

Live music, house parties, braais (barbecues), festivals, launches, openings at galleries etc - Apr 2016

There are some watering holes worth going to, and even one place downtown (The Beer Engine) with excellent beer, run by a U.K. Guy. There are only a few clubs, and those frequented by late teens/young 20's. Most entertaining and socializing is done in the home with friends. - Jul 2013

Busy, busy, busy. There are lots of dinner parties and in-home entertaining. - Jun 2009

Mostly in our homes. - Dec 2008

Tons. movies, parties, outdoor activities, golf courses galore!!! - Sep 2008

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