Harare - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the relative size of the expatriate community? How would you describe overall morale among expatriates?

There was not a large expat scene outside of the Embassy. - May 2021

A number of embassies and NGOs make for a good community, and easy to befriend Zimbabweans. high morale. Most people are happy to be here. - Feb 2020

It’s complicated, but generally speaking, the expat community is shrinking due to the political and economic issues and difficulties keeping businesses open, and as you would expect, morale is also declining. - Feb 2019

The community is a moderate size and everyone is SUPER friendly. Morale is good. There is a little anxiety about moving to the NEC. - Apr 2018

Small to medium....morale is excellent, everyone is happy to be in Zimbabwe. We knew only one family that was dissatisfied because the spouse couldn't find employment. Really no one wants to leave that post. - Sep 2017

Due to the economic situation the number of expats is decreasing but also some embassies have closed their doors recently. Morale is high as long as you are immune to how this country is being destroyed by its leaders, in my opinion. - Jul 2017

Morale is very high. - Jul 2017

Decent size and very diverse. If they make local friends and make an effort to discover Zimbabwean culture they love it, if they like to remain in an expat cocoon they hate it - Apr 2016

Large expat community. Morale is high. You can socialize solely within the expat community--it's large enough for that--or you can ignore it and seek out Zimbabweans. Most expats do both. - Dec 2013

Big -- lots of NGOs and UN agencies. - Jun 2009

Large. - Dec 2008

Huge. - Sep 2008

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