Harare - Post Report Question and Answers

Are local buses, trams, trains or taxis safe and affordable?

Embassy staff and families are not allowed to use public transportation or all but two taxi services (that rarely respond). - Jan 2024

No, taxis are not allowed. - May 2021

There are safe taxi services you can order by phone or app, but not hail on the road. Locals kombis (minivans)are quite dangerous. - Feb 2020

There are “combi” mini vans, which are dangerous and have become more expensive after the fuel price hikes. I think they may be off limits. Taxis are around, but you have to call them, it’s rare that you could hail one off the street. - Feb 2019

There are local transport vans, which are NOT safe. There is an uber-like company, GTaxi, that is pretty reliable. - Apr 2018

I used a local taxi guy to get the airport. Public transport in general however is far from safe. Lots of deadly crashes especially on the cross-country highway. - Sep 2017

Combibuses are very dangerous - particularly for other road users. Long distance buses are very dangerous due to no maintenance, long hours and over speeding on roads with huge potholes. - Jul 2017

Affordable, yes. Safe, no. - Jul 2017

Public transport consists of minibus shared taxis (kombis) - overcrowded and probably not that safe, but cheap and essential for feeling like a local. Taxis are good - no meters, fares around US$1 per km but negotiable. Get recommendations for 3-4 good taxi drivers and call them direct on the cell phones. They will give you better rats in return for your loyalty. - Apr 2016

Trains and buses are not recommended. They are crowded and the drivers dangerous. Taxis I use quite often, but one should not hail them on the street. The ones from the major hotels are safe, almost always with seat belts. I maintain a list of trusted taxis on my cell phone. U.S. prices. - Dec 2013

No local transportation is safe. Avoid combi's, take taxis at your own risk. - Jul 2013

There are taxis in town, but they're few and far between. You need your own wheels. Couples need two cars. - Jun 2009

Not safe. - Dec 2008

Affordable yes, safe no! - Sep 2008

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