San Salvador - Post Report Question and Answers

What do you wish you had known about this particular city/country before moving there?

Frankly, I wish I had understood how much U.S. domestic politics around migration would influence our work here on a daily basis. - Oct 2023

There are things I wish I’d known about the Embassy (e.g., housing security, the deterioration of the Health Unit, the pace of work), but that’s about it. - Feb 2022

Nothing really. - Aug 2021

That driving would be so crazy to me. I hate it and use taxis all the time, but I have friends who drive all the time. - Jun 2018

How much I would fall in love with this place. How kind Salvadorans are. - Mar 2018

How conservative people can be. - Jul 2016

How awesome it is! - Dec 2015

That you can get just about everything here. - Mar 2015

That it would love it so much! I had always thought of crime and gangs when I thought of El Salvador, and I was wrong. It is a vibrant, inviting and breathtakingly beautiful country with wonderful people. Had I known, I would have come here sooner and tried to say longer. - Oct 2014

That there are no people of color. - Jul 2014

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