San Salvador - Post Report Question and Answers

Are preschools available? Day care? Are these expensive? What has been your experience with them, if any? Do the schools provide before- and/or after-school care?

Lots of preschools. EA, ABC, and the French school all have programs starting at age 3. Lots of Embassy littles are also at Arbol de Dios, Acton Academy's Montessori preschool program, and Casa de los Ninos (also Montessori), I think all of which start at 18 months. My kiddo started at Acton's preschool. It was okay, but we made the switch to Casa de los Ninos and she LOVES it. Definitely worth the hassle of the admission process (and it was a hassle). - Oct 2023

Yes, there are plenty of local preschools available, including Montessori and at least one Waldorf(ish) option. People seem very happy. Most people have nannies if they have littles, so I don’t know about day care. I believe there are after-care options (or, at least, after-school activities) at the British school, but I’m not 100% sure. - Feb 2022

No experience but nannies are very reasonable. There are pre-schools too. - Aug 2021

There are a few offerings round town including ABC, and ACTON, (maybe EA? ) and some local options. Lots of embassy littles go to ABC and Acton is a new option for some. - Jun 2018

Plenty of preschools--two Montessori preschools (including Acton) are a 5 min drive from the embassy. There is a Waldorf preschool about a 20 mins drive, and another Montessori and Reggio Emilia 30 mins away. - Mar 2018

There are several preschool options: Casa de Los Ninos, Acton Montessori, Arbol de Dios, and a Waldorf school (but this is a lengthy commute for most families). - Jan 2018

Yes, many have nannies at home for kids under three years old. - Nov 2017

Parents are spoiled for choice. - Jul 2016

Really nice preschool options, and a variety to choose from. Many are bilingual, and are reasonably priced. Most run mornings only. Salvadorans begin preschool as soon as they can walk, so age usually isn't an issue. Younger children almost always have a nanny, at least for the afternoons when they come home from preschool. - Dec 2015

Yes. Preschools/daycares usually run 7am to 12pm. They are about US$200 per month. Or a little more or less. Very good schools where people feel safe/happy to send their kids! - Jun 2015

Yes and very cheap! There is a wide variety as well with many from the Embassy using the French or Montessori, each taking children younger than 2 years of age. - Mar 2015

Yes plenty, but you have to pay. - Oct 2014

Yes, many. - Jul 2014

Most embassy families choose Barquito de Papel. The British School or recommends the Montessori School. A few families use Arbol de Dios since it is close. In my opinion, the Montessori School is the best option. - Jul 2011

No idea, no kids. Most people just get nannies for the daycare part. - May 2010

There are several. Most are bilingual. Arbol de Dios and The Paper Boat seem to be popular, and both have bilingual teachers. There is also a Montesorri School that I've heard is excellent - much better than many Montessori Schools in the US. - Feb 2009

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