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What is the availability of international schools? What has been your general experience with them, if any?

Schools are "adequate" K-8, but there are high schoolers here. There are a few international schools to pick from, but most Embassy kids go to Escuela Americana or ABC (the British school). A few kids also attend the French school, German school, International School of San Salvador, Arbol de Vida, and Acton Academy. My kiddo isn't school age yet, but I would say visit a range of places and pick what's going to work for your kid. I haven't heard of any outrageous experiences with applications and admissions. - Oct 2023

My kiddo isn’t school age yet, but there are plenty of schools available and people seem happy with them. Most U.S. Embassy kids are at Academia Britanica Cuscatlan (British) or Escuela Americana (American), with a smattering of kids at the French and German schools. - Feb 2022

British, American and a few other international schools. No experience but my friends say - like many places - they tend to serve the local rich kids and bend to the pressure of their parents - sometimes to the detriment of respecting gay rights, etc. - Aug 2021

Post has an American School, British school, French, German and a couple of others. Post has kids at all of the above with most attending the British and the American. We chose the British school (ABC) for our kids because it had a more academic reputation offering the IGSCE and IB programs, both highly respected globally. The middle school/secondary (6th grade up) offers electives (French, drama, etc.) as well and the curriculum is very student-friendly and hands on. Also, the school was extremely supportive and accommodating for transferring students as my son was in the middle of a 2 year IGSCE program. We didn't feel the American school was trying to work with us and our individual situation. Another thing we also really like about ABC is that they do a lot of performing arts, drama and music and film, digital video awards etc. which seems to be lacking at the other schools (according to friends). They also have Model UN, Steam, a week of work internship for 9th graders, Habitat for Humanity, and global trips. ABC has a swimming pool and offers various sports, BB, soccer, archery, track, etc. The American school has a more impressive track field but ABC uses it for meets. New folks should really check out all options and chat with the principals, etc., and take the kids for a tour. See which school gives you the best vibe and fit for your child. Don't assume you'll want to be in the same system as your last post as you may be surprised and have to switch later on as a couple families have done. - Jun 2018

Our kids go to the British school, which is wonderful. Reggio Emilio inspired model through fifth grade, at which point they transition to the British model. People also like the American, French, and German schools. For an alternative educational system, Acton academy is close to embassy housing. It has a Montessori school up to age 5/6 at which point kids transition to Acton, which goes up to middle school. - Mar 2018

Plenty of school options: American School, British School, German School, and French School. I’d say most families are split between the British and American schools, with more kids at the British. - Jan 2018

Many options: the community pretty much goes to the American school or the Britanica. Britanica appears to be the choice for lower grades and American for upper. - Nov 2017

For such a small country there are lots of school options. Some people also send their kids to local (i.e. bilingual private) schools. - Jul 2016

International schools here are great. There are many international schools with good reputations and people all seem happy. - Jun 2015

Don't have much to say about the schools other than what I hear. Two major options: American School and British School. Schools cater to elite Salvadorean community rather than a true international student body. Students not speaking Spanish may have a difficult time assimilating. - Mar 2015

American, British and International schools are where most Embassy employees take their children. There is also a French school and German school which offered good curriculum. I met a lot of people who had gone to the American school and received a very good education. Many of the high school kids got into great schools. - Oct 2014

There are three international schools. The American school is the best. There are also British, french and International schools. - Jul 2014

The British Academy has the best reputation ahead of the American school. There is no true international school here however. Students are 95% Salvadorans, most from the top 1% of society. - Apr 2012

The British School has the best reputation in the country. In general the academics in-country are not that well regarded. - Jul 2011

There's the British School and the American School, with various families finding various success with them. You do not need a teaching degree to teach at either of them or at any of the local colleges. - May 2010

There are several that the expat community uses. The American School has a reputation for being ok but the kids are a littly more clique-ish and the environment a little more... rowdy? The British School has a reputation for better academics and a more serious curriculum. There is also a Pan American School, International School, French School, German School, and smaller private school Los Robles that ex-pats send their kids to. It is really a case of matching up a school with what you and your kids want. - Feb 2009

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