San Salvador - Post Report Question and Answers

What are the particular advantages of living in this city?

If you crave American-style suburban living with post differential, San Salvador is for you. - Oct 2023

Proximity to the U.S., ease of adjustment (there’s relatively little culture shock), family-friendly embassy (U.S., at least), short commutes, good weather. - Feb 2022

Weather is awesome. Great access to fresh fruits and vegetables - and many US products. Quite close to the US. - Aug 2021

Everything is fairly close to each other and you can find just about everything you need or like. ANd it's close to the beach or lakes or volcanoes. Something for everyone. And you can fly out to Nica, Costa rico, Mexico or Miami in a few hours. And can drive to Guate in 4 hours! - Jun 2018

Good schools, great weather, access to amazing travel. - Mar 2018

Short commute time to work, and being able to have a lot of the comforts of the US available locally. - Jan 2018

You can save money, it's a good family post, you can have help at home, etc. - Nov 2017

Salvadorans are pro-U.S. and very friendly. It's close to the U.S. It's not the most exciting place I've ever lived, but it's very navigable once you know your way around. - Jul 2016

Weather is perfect pretty much every day of the year. People are warm and friendly, super family-friendly culture. The countryside is beautiful, with quite a bit to see and pretty much no other tourists. Excellent coffee. - Dec 2015

We live in a very beautiful house in a lovely neighborhood. The country is very small and accessible- the beach is 30 minutes from our house. It is basically always beach weather. Weather is awesome- warm/hot but not terribly hot. Household help is cheap, and other labor as well. If you can live like a local, you can live fairly cheap here. - Jun 2015

The weather is great. The city sits about 3,000 feet above sea level and is about 10F degrees cooler than the beach/airport. Temperatures usually top out around 85F and don't dip below 60F even during the coolest part of the year. El Salvador is a small country with a relatively good road system. You can get just about everywhere in the country within three hours...great for exploring volcanoes, beaches, villages, and so forth. - Mar 2015

This is such a beautiful country I could fill pages of the great things to do. There is a little something for everyone. If you are the outdoorsy type, there is gorgeous volcano hiking, surfing and surfing villages full of fun, zip lining, paragliding, swimming in crater lakes, deep sea fishing etc. For dining, there is everything from street pupusas to fine dining and amazing steaks and seafood for very reasonable prices. There are many malls for shopping, great beauty salons, lots of green areas, and the Embassy is absolutely stunning like Club Med. Pretty much the nicest Embassy anyone has ever seen. Also, the weather is perfect year-round (between 68-85 degrees F) so being outside is always a possibility. You can save money because prices are lower than the United States, and it is very easy to get back to the States when you get homesick. I would say the best thing is the weather though, it was absolute perfection. - Oct 2014

Great beaches, Good weather, schools, etc. - Jul 2014

I'm really stretching here, but saving money comes to mind. - Apr 2012

Kind people, beautiful country, great weather for much of the year, and bountiful travel opportunities. - Jul 2011

El Salvador is a beautiful country with warm and friendly people. The cost of living here is generally very cheap. You can have a whole new wardrobe custom made for you for about $12 for a seamstress. Custom-made furniture, couch covers, paintings, and handicrafts are all ridiculously cheap by American standards. - May 2010

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