San Salvador - Post Report Question and Answers

Are qualified veterinarians and/or good kennel services available? Do animals need to be quarantined upon entry to the country? Are there other considerations regarding pets that are particular to this country?

We don't have pets, but plenty of people do and are happy with vets, training services, and kennels or other pet-sitting options. A lot of people just look for pet-sitting within the Embassy community rather than boarding pets. No quarantine requirements. - Oct 2023

I don’t think there are any quarantine restrictions, and people seem happy with vets, kennels, trainers, dog walkers, etc. The biggest problem now seems to be getting dogs to the States (with the new rabies regulations), not bringing them here. - Feb 2022

Plenty of good vets. One in particular is American and on call 24/7. Very reasonable grooming andthere are one or two kenneling services. Depending on your pet...I'd say mixed reviews. We have found a pet sitter who stays in our home or our housekeeper looks after them. No need to quarantine, however hard to fly them in with increasingly restrictive US Airline rules. We had to use an Air Cargo company out of Miami because American wouldn't let them on the plane. They arrive in the afternoon (at least when we came they did), and the airport is by the coast - so always too hot in the afternoon. Pet travel hardships are more an issue with the US airlines than anything else. - Aug 2021

Yes lots of vets and animals at post. No quarantine. Just be careful about shipping animals during the summer heat embargoes. - Jun 2018

We don't have pets, but most people do and seem happy with the options. - Mar 2018

Yes there are many veterinarians available, and it is very affordable. A rabies shot is $15. Most will come directly to your house for routine vaccinations or dog grooming. It is not uncommon to hire a dog walker, or have your empleada walk your dog. It seems to be a very pet friendly society with several pet supply stores. There is no quarantine needed, and no USDA stamp needed, just the APHIS form done by your veterinarian. - Jan 2018

Yes, plenty of dogs at the embassy. - Nov 2017

Good vets and kennel services. - Jul 2016

No and yes. Very easy to import a cat/dog, and many quality vets available. Embassy is super dog-friendly with a walking trail and poop bags. - Dec 2015

No. Several vets including one across the street from the embassy. Vet care is very affordable. - Mar 2015

No and there are great vets in San Salvador. Actually there is a great vet right across the street from the Embassy. - Oct 2014

There is no quarantine required in El Salvador. - May 2010

Not sure. - Feb 2009

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