San Salvador - Post Report Question and Answers

How do you send and receive your letters and package mail? Are local postal facilities adequate?

DPO/Pouch at the Embassy. - Oct 2023

DPO and pouch. I don’t know about local mail, but there’s DHL here that I think some people have used without problems. - Feb 2022

DPO. - Aug 2021

DPO and pouch. The facilities and staff are very good. - Jun 2018

DPO and pouch. - Mar 2018

Diplomatic post office and pouch for Embassy employees. There is a DHL and a UPS in town. - Jan 2018

Diplomatic pouch is reliable and quick. - Nov 2017

Through the Embassy mail facilities. - Jul 2016

DPO - Dec 2015

Via Embassy. - Jun 2015

DPO. Typically 7 days. There is a pouch address available but that takes minimum 3-4 weeks. - Mar 2015

DPO and pouch, both great. You could get anything you needed. - Oct 2014

DPO. - Jul 2014

Postal System is reliable though DHL. El Salvador will charge you a fee for anything they possibly can. - Apr 2012

embassy DPO - Jul 2011

We have access to the diplomatic pouch and the DPO. There is not really an organized postal service in the country. There is DHL and UPS, but you have to pay exorbitant fees to pick up your package, (like $50), and it takes weeks. Woe to the person who doesn't have access to embassy mail. - May 2010

We have a DPO and pouch. Local mail will work though and I have used local mail to send and receive packages. It is slow and not nearly as reliable, but if you aren't working with the Embassy, it is an option. - Feb 2009

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