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Are local sports classes and/or activities available for kids?

Yes, lots. At the Embassy alone there are swim lessons, tennis lessons, soccer, flag football, and Scouts. Kids also take music lessons, dance, gymnastics, and martial arts locally. - Oct 2023

Yes. There’s soccer, tennis, and swimming (lessons, not competitive) at the Embassy. Local soccer and swimming are also available. Some kids do martial arts, gymnastics, and dance locally, as well. There are also plenty of music teachers, mostly piano but I do know of at least one guitar teacher. - Feb 2022

Karate, horse riding, tennis, golf and surfing. - Aug 2021

Yes, lost of options, surfing, gymnastics, karate, dance yoga, soccer, flag football, ultimate frisbee, rugby, etc. - Jun 2018

Plenty. My kids have taken ballet, dance, gymnastics, karate, swimming and tennis. - Mar 2018

Swimming, dance, gymnastics, tennis, karate, piano, and I’m sure there are more that I don’t know about. - Jan 2018

Yes, plenty at school or outside. - Nov 2017

Surprisingly yes, from gymnastics to horseback riding to sometimes ave to work hard to find instructors what your kid likes to do but there are options. - Jul 2016

At the international schools, and within the embassy community. - Dec 2015

Yes. But it seems like a lot of dance for girls and soccer for boys. Which is a disappointment if you want your girls to play soccer. - Jun 2015

Embassy offers swim lessons. There are soccer and basketball programs at the schools, and the British school has a swim team. - Mar 2015

Yes all kinds through the schools. - Oct 2014

Yes. At the school. - Jul 2014

They are available for school-aged children primarily. - Jul 2011

I know several kids that play soccer and tennis, and I know there are karate and judo lessons available. - May 2010

Yes and no. There are sports programs through most of the schools. You can also find neighborhood gyms for kids that teach dance, gymnastics, arts and crafts, etc. My daughter goes to gymnastics twice per week for US$35/month. Dance classes at the same place cost the same. Karate and other activities are widely available. - Feb 2009

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