San Salvador - Post Report Question and Answers

What kinds of gyms or other sports/workout facilities are available? Are they expensive?

The Embassy as a small but well-equipped gym, including a studio where there are yoga/pilates/Zumba classes. There's also a short course outdoor pool (if you're a swimmer and have seen reports of an "Olympic size" pool, there *is not* an Olympic size pool at the Embassy), basketball and volleyball courts, tennis courts, a soccer field, and a walking/running path around the Embassy. There are several tennis coaches who come into the Embassy as well as a trainer who does a group cross-training class once/week. Some people also take classes at studios outside of the Embassy; I believe prices are similar to U.S. prices. - Oct 2023

There’s a gym at the Embassy, that’s reasonably-sized and well-equipped. I think there were classes pre-pandemic, but if so, that hasn’t picked back up yet. The Embassy also has a short course pool, basketball court, soccer field, running path, and two tennis courts. There are gyms in the city (don’t know of anyone who uses them, but they’re there), and some country club-type establishments that some people join. Also independent “studios” with things like yoga, interval training, etc. Yoga studios and other exercise classes seem comparable in price to the U.S. There’s also surfing; “Surf City” is relatively close, and plenty of people take advantage. It seems relatively easy to get set up with lessons. - Feb 2022

Embassy has excellent gym and grounds for exercise. Many Salvadorans run on the street , especially early on Saturday and Sunday mornings. There are some nice parks for bike riding. There is a tennis, golf, surfing, horseback riding lessons and hiking within an hour from where we live, which is just outside San Salvador. - Aug 2021

The embassy has a small gym and a running track. There is a Pilates type studio close to embassy. Zumba and yoga are offered at the embassy and nearby. - Jun 2018

Pilates, Golds, climbing gyms, yoga studios, Crossfit, etc. The cost is less than in the US. - Mar 2018

There is a decent gym at the Embassy and several fitness/sports classes are offered: yoga, aerobics, Pilates, swimming, tennis. There’s also a basketball court, soccer field, and paved walking/running track. I have heard of a few people using the local Gold’s Gym, which is nearby. - Jan 2018

The US embassy has a great gym, pool, running track, soccer field with personal trainers etc. We also do the FUSE program where you can take one hour to workout at the gym. Great idea for everyone to imitate. - Nov 2017

The Embassy has amazing facilities: a pool, tennis courts, a decent gym, a jogging loop, soccer field, etc. There are cross fit and pilates studios nearby too. There are groups of cyclists and runners to join. Given the security situation, it's not advisable to do these activities on your own. - Jul 2016

There are gyms all over. Even a few Crossfit gyms. The costs vary from about US$30 per month to... US$100? I think there are even US$10 a month gyms but I don't know the quality. There are also some sport clubs with more serious facilities (pools, tennis, etc.) - Jun 2015

The Embassy has a gym, pool, two tennis courts, walking track, disk golf course and sports programs. There are also many gyms around the city that offer various classes (zumba, yoga, pilates). There is a large world gym just around the corner though I do not know the quality. - Mar 2015

Yes the Embassy has a great gym, so do most of the apartment complexes, and there are tons of gyms and yoga studios in the city. - Oct 2014

Yes. At the embassy there are many workout facilities (tennis courts, walking trail, swimming pool, gym, etc.). - Jul 2014

I've seen a few dark and dreary places operating out of old mechanics shops. - Apr 2012

There are some gyms in town and yoga studios. - Jul 2011

There is a gym at the embassy. There is also a Gold's Gym around the corner, a Curves nearby, and several karate, yoga, and Pilates studios. - May 2010

Many gyms throughout the city. If you're with the Embassy I think you can use the gym at the Hilton hotel free of charge. The Embassy also has a gym facility for employees. World Gym is in a very nice neighborhood and a lot of people like that. - Feb 2009

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