San Salvador - Post Report Question and Answers

What are some typical ways to socialize, either with local people or with other expatriates? Are there groups or clubs that you can recommend?

The community at the U.S. Embassy is very strong, but there are also opportunities to engage with the local/broader expat community via volunteer opportunities, faith-based groups, running/cycling groups, etc. - Oct 2023

Hard to say during the pandemic. With a kid too young to be vaccinated, we go out very little, and the bulk of our socializing (as U.S.-based diplomats) is definitely at the Embassy. There are some virtual groups, though, and I would recommend that anyone coming to live in El Salvador join the Expats in El Salvador FB group. - Feb 2022

Pre-covid, there were opportunity to meet others at bars, restaurants, music and dance clubs or via softball or soccer leagues. There are a number of beach and golf clubs that you can join as well. Club Salvadoreno is very popular because they have a beach location and one on a lake with water sports and golf. - Aug 2021

Besides meeting lots of Salvadorians at the embassy, you can meet folks at various other places. The beach is great if you surf or you can join the beach club. There are also churches, a local football club, and ultimate frisbee is usually played at embassy. The British school has a lot of the teachers playing, local bars, or clubs, etc. - Jun 2018

Most of our social circles outside the embassy come through our kids' schools. - Mar 2018

There are tons of sponsored activities like trivia night, teen night, monthly playgroup, an embassy camp out, farmer’s markets/local vendors/food trucks on site once a month, day trips to the city and other cultural sites, book club, cooking classes, art nights, and so much more I can’t think of at the moment. People do a lot of entertaining at home, since we have nice backyards for grilling, etc. There are also opportunities to go out to dinner, movies, events at CIFCO, school related performances, beach club, and country club. - Jan 2018

Parties, clubs, restaurants, beach houses, lake houses. - Nov 2017

Salvadorans are super friendly and helpful and we have lots of Salvadoran friends. That said, we've had to make a huge effort. They're used to Americans coming and going and don't think to include us in ways we'd like to be included. Also, lots of people promise to invite us to their beach/lake houses and we're still waiting for those invitations.... - Jul 2016

Hang out with friends, go out to eat. There are concerts and an theater with plays/dances/musicals. Some people go clubbing. Go to beach, go on road trips, etc. - Jun 2015

Dinners out. Malls. Nice movie theaters. Birthday parties at the embassy pool. - Mar 2015

Too many to count. Clubs, hiking, movies, great dining, weekend trips, dinners at home, book clubs, parties every weekend, walking at Paseo del Carmen, dancing in El Tunco. Heavy metal band at the seafood shop! - Oct 2014

Going out to various restaurants, movies. - Jul 2014

Dance clubs, especially at the area malls, abound. - Apr 2012

There are a couple of movie-theaters, several bars, a few museums, and many restaurants. Security concerns put damper on the social life in the city in a significant way. - Jul 2011

There's always something going on, and the CLOs did a great job of organizing events. However, we will soon have a new CLO team in place, and due to budget cuts, they are getting their hours shortened. It remains to be seen how this will affect the community. The American Society plans about one activity a month, and there's always someone going whitewater-rafting, zip-lining, or to the beach. - May 2010

There are activities every weekend if you want to participate. There are concerts always going on, cultural events at local theaters and museums. The international fair grounds generally has something of interest going on. A lot of people entertain at their homes, but weekends generally involve leaving the city and heading to the mountains or to the beach for the day or overnight. - Feb 2009

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