Canberra - Post Report Question and Answers

What is your housing like? What are typical housing sizes, locations, and commute times for expatriates?

We had an AMAZING house - a little older, but big and with an enormous yard (sometime a curse, but mostly a blessing). We could get into the City (such as it is) in about 10 minutes. Traffic is very, very light compared to any of the cities we've lived in (DC, Toronto, Kinshasa - even Charlotte, NC). For our mission the housing was not at all centrally located - people lived in newer houses in the "Northside" (north of the manmade Lake Burley Griffin) and people lived in the Southside in older houses with slower internet, but closer to the Embassies and downtown. Some people loved being in the North, others complained endlessly about the longer "commute." - Aug 2020

Mostly single family houses, I drive about 25 minutes to the Embassy housing area. - May 2012

Mostly single family homes. The availability of apts is very limited, especially in the desirable sections of town. This is a driving city and public transport is impractical. Commute times are generally reasponable. My guess is 15 minutes is the average, but traffic is getting worse as the city grows. Commute times go up if you have to cross the lake as the bridges are bottlenecks. - May 2011

Very few apartments, lots of big houses. - Dec 2010

Most have single-family dwellings with 4 bedrooms/2baths. Canberra is not that big, so even if one lives in the outer suburbs, the commute is 30 minutes max. Tne average commute would be 15-20 minutes. - Nov 2010

Most people are in single-family houses spread out all across ACT, some even live just inside New South Wales (NSW). My commute was usually 20 minutes. Singles were usually in small bungalow houses or apartments. - Apr 2010

Our housing is very nice (GleanEagles Kambah). - Oct 2009

The housing market is very tight here. Embassy is mostly putting new families on the North end of town where there is new development. The commute to the Embassy is 15-20 minutes by car and there is no public bus where we live. - Apr 2009

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