Canberra - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the availability of international schools? What has been your general experience with them, if any?

There are no international school. Our child went to a private IB school which was, by far, the best school we have ever been involved with. They were loving and caring and amazing teachers and great parents. It was the hardest part of leaving for us. Most people send their children either to one of the private parochial schools (most are Anglican or Catholic) or to one of the local public schools. I never heard anyone complain about their choice. In fact, for the most part, people raved about the schooling. The hardest part is that the Southern Hemisphere school system can be complicated. We held our daughter back for half a term and she repeated kindergarten, but then we left half way through her 2nd grade year and she had to start her new school in the US only a couple of months later having skipped half of grade 2 (but back to the excellence of the schools - she was not at all behind, and, in some subjects ahead). - Aug 2020

None, everyone goes to public or private school. Public school education quality is very low, and the kids are very poorly behaved. My wife teaches school at a public school near our house. - May 2012

No kids, so I couldn't say. - May 2011

No international schools, all kids go to public or private school or at boarding school in America. - Dec 2010

There is no international school--but the Australian schools are quite good. Boys' Grammar and Girls' Grammar are the premier private schools and are excellent. One has to be mindful, however, about the differences in curriculum and the differences in the school calendar (February-December.) - Nov 2010

I didn't have any direct experience with them...but I knew of some children that attended Australian public schools. - Apr 2010

My child is not in school yet. - Oct 2009

There are no international schools and no schools with U.S. curriculum. One of our children attends private school and the other who has special needs attends public school. - Apr 2009

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