Canberra - Post Report Question and Answers

Is this a good city for single people? For couples? For families? Why or why not?

I think it is hard for single people. In reality Canberra is a small town. It was FABULOUS for a family with small children - tons of things to do, both inside and outside, and a wonderful family atmosphere - with easy traffic. I don't think it would be the most exciting place for some singles - though there were bars and dance clubs - and it seemed that it was definitely becoming more hip and trendy when we left. - Aug 2020

Excellent for families, fine for couples. Singles will have to work hard and network to meet others. - May 2012

Families definitely. Couples definitely. For singles its a mixed bag. It is a good dating environment for both genders, but the cost of taxis and need to drive most places can make going out difficult. The social scene might be a bit sleepy at first glance, but there are some gems hidden around town. Generally, anyone should be able to be comfortable here. - May 2011

Yes, yes, yes. I think families will like it best, but I would say single wouldn't be bad either. You have to get out and network to meet people. - Dec 2010

All the above--although better for families because Canberra can be sleepy compared to Sydney or Melbourne. - Nov 2010

It's very good for families and singles! For families there are a ton of parks and activities geared towards childern. Australians love children, and it shows in the summer-time events in the city. For singles, the Australians are just very nice people. I knew a lot of single men who left Australia either engaged or married to Australians! Clubbing is essentially dead in Canberra, since the whole city seems to roll up by 7 pm. Best to head to Sydney for that. - Apr 2010

Good for families -- there are a lot of public parks, and they are clean and safe. - Oct 2009

Really great for families not so great for singles. Great for couples if you like outdoor things. If you are into the big city stuff you will be dissapointed here. - Apr 2009

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