Port Of Spain - Post Report Question and Answers

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If you have kids, please really explore all the options for schools. Do NOT allow yourself or our child(ren) to be shoehorned into a school b/c it is "expected". I only listed two options that are the main ones for the USA Embassy but there are others T and T is very different than the rest of the Caribbean. Not a tourism center, has a lot of things going on here (good and not so good) and has very interesting people and very close ties culturally, economically and more with USA but is also very independent from USA. Something to consider for all of those factors. - Mar 2019

Life in T&T is what you make of it. There are much more harsh environments in which to live, but that doesn’t mean everything here is easy (or easy with which to deal). As is generally the case, the more money you earn, the more fun you can have. - Apr 2017

Like anywhere in the world, your attitude and experiences will depend on how proactive you are. If you are a hermit or nervous about the crime situation, you won't last long. If you are adventurous and active you will find some type of activity to keep you busy. Trinidad is blessed with tremendous natural resources, however it is very disappointing to see the decaying infrastructure and overall disregard for improving the country. When the oil and gas run out, this country will be in trouble. - Jun 2015

You can survive two years in Port of Spain, but it will take everything you have. In the end, everyone is happy to move on. - Aug 2014

If you decide to travel to Trinidad and Tobago you will enjoy it for the first few months but after the newness wears off, find your happiness. It's an island where you can drive from one end to the other in 3 hours. Everyone wants to island hop but it's not that easy, flights can be expensive and few. The simplest things here are the hardest and the things that you think are difficult end up being easy. There's lots of oil money here so people have abandoned their farming roots. It's a developing country but 'into what' is the question. - Dec 2013

Go hiking with Caribbean Hiking Adventures. They are a fantastic group of people. It's cheap, you'll meet tons of Trini's and see some great areas of the country you wouldn't otherwise see. Above all, enjoy your time in TT! - Oct 2012

I'm sure that 30 years ago this was a nice place. But it has slid off a cliff to the point where basic services are totally dysfunctional. Traffic is among the worst anywhere I've seen in the world, far worse than LA, NY or Wash. DC for instance. Trini culture, while friendly, is corrupt, dishonest, produces workers that are incapable, and makes it impossible to achieve or produce anything. - Jan 2011

If you are new to the country, get connected with a relocation company to help you get settled in. - May 2010

This can be a good assigment if you are high ranking, have a family and lots of money to spend on sightseeing and other excursions. If you are a single male who parties, this is also a good assignment. Single females do NOT want to come here, and white males/females have a different experience than black males/females. - Nov 2009

This is an amazing island, but just don't expect the usual Caribbean place. It is very third world. And expect a lot of litter!! - Mar 2008

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