Port Of Spain - Post Report Question and Answers

What is your housing like? What are typical housing sizes, locations, and commute times for expatriates?

Housing is wonderful. Families of three or more will get a house and all housing has a pool. Houses are large and spacious, there are some that are definitely better than others. Apartments are spacious with sea views. Great housing team at the Embassy, too. - Aug 2021

Good-size single family homes. Most Embassy staff live in an area along with other expats, though we didn't. There are other areas like St. Clair, Maraval, and Federation Park that have good single family housing. Commute times can run from 10 minutes to 30+ depending on traffic - Mar 2019

I have a three-bedroom apartment in the East. Most expats live in gated communities, which are very reminiscent of south Florida, or in apartments in the West. Dip corps homes tend to be in Westmoorings and Maraval, which are affluent suburbs of Port of Spain. Without traffic, the commute from Westmoorings and Maraval to the city center is 10-15 minutes. All things considered, I’ve been pleased with my apartment here. Most expats can afford nicer housing, which ranges from as little as 900 USD/month to as much as 5,000 USD/month depending on location and size. (As a rule, the closer to Port of Spain, the more you pay. Single-family homes and apartments are most expensive in Westmoorings, Maraval, and the surrounding areas.)

One note of caution: If you are planning to move to T&T, make sure to secure an apartment or home that (1) is in a gated community and (2) has a secondary water supply. - Apr 2017

We live in a single family house in Westmoorings, a popular area near the international school and West Falls Mall about 15-20 minutes (more if rush hour) to Embassy. Most expats live in this area, in various neighborhoods. We have a "roving patrol" for neighborhood security, and enclosed/gated homes. Some singles/couples, small families live in the apartments nearby. Apartments are nice (2-3 bedrooms) all overlooking the ocean. Great views and breeze with community swimming pool. Not all houses have a pool. - Aug 2016

Housing is mixed. Some is ok, many houses are substandard. - May 2016

Most expats and diplomats live in the Northwest area of Trinidad. Neighborhoods include Westmoorings, Goodwood Park, Federation Park, St. Clair and Maraval. Most live in spacious single family homes or waterfront apartment buildings. Overall everyone seems to be happy with their housing. Commuting times are usually about 20-40 minutes, depending on where you live. If there are heavy rains or police operations, traffic can be a disaster. - Jun 2015

Our house was a large 4 bedroom and had a pool. All of the houses are gated and have bars on the windows and doors. Some live in one of the 3 high rise towers that are on the water. Those apartments are spacious but not very updated. An average commute time without traffic to the Embassy can take 20 minutes but if there in an accident, it will back everything up and it could take an hour. During summer time there is significantly less traffic. - May 2015

It's all over the place. Some are in apartments, others in houses. None have storage. Some houses have pools. Not to U.S. standards but housing is not your major concern here. It's fighting boredom. - Aug 2014

Housing is great either apartment or single family. - Dec 2013

Great housing. Though traffic can be tight, the longest commute was about 30 minutes. - Oct 2012

Single and couples are mostly in Miami-style high rise apartments with pools, tennis courts and water views. Homes are in Westmoorings neighborhood. - Feb 2011

Housing in Westmoorings would be 10 mins. away were it not for the horrendous traffic, which makes it nearly an hour's commute. - Jan 2011

Most expats live in the West, in luxury high-rises and gated communities. Most work in or around the POS area. The commute time from the west is 30 minutes. - May 2010

Apartments /homes for embassy staff, all in nice areas. Commute time is 30-45 minutes in traffic, 15 minutes on a weekend. - Nov 2009

There are houses, apartments, and townhomes. Try to find one with a pool or pool in the complex as the beaches are an hour away over the mountains, or you must fly to the companion island of Tobago. Rents are US$4000 to $6000/month for something safe and decent. Most expats live in either the valley communities of Maraval, Moka, St. Ann's or Cascade to the north of the Savannah and the city, OR more likely, to the west in the communities of Columbus Circle, Westmoorings, Bay Shore, Regent's Park, Regent's Point, Goodwood, Glencoe. Commute is fierce, avoid living in the Diego Martin valley (Four Roads, Petit Valley) unless you want to learn back roads or spend a lot of time in the car. Most times, kids have to be driven to schools, although a few companies provide buses for the children of their employees. - Mar 2008

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