Port Of Spain - Post Report Question and Answers

Are there personal security concerns to be aware of at this post? Please describe.

This is a critical crime post, so there are several no-go areas. Luckily, most crime is bad guy on bad guy, so if you avoid certain areas and aren't liming (drinking) all night, you should be ok. Many people go to parks to exercise or run around their neighborhoods without incident. - Aug 2021

This is rated a critical crime post. Diplomats not targeted per se but I've heard have been victims of home invasion, robberies, etc. I've heard a high murder rate, but general awareness like in USA is usually enough to ensure safety. Residences don't require (at this time) armed guards although there is the embassy patrol. - Mar 2019

For only having 1.4 million people, Trinidad has a high murder rate. The good news is that, for the most part, the killings are gang-related and concentrated in certain areas (Laventille, Morvant, and Beetham, for example). Kidnapping and rape aren’t nearly as much of a concern. Robbery is a crime of opportunity that plagues the whole country. You shouldn’t walk around with any flashy jewelry or have your smartphone out for all to see. - Apr 2017

I feel comfortable walking in our neighborhood with my children, even at night. There are areas and hiking paths where a group is required. Overall we feel safe here. - Aug 2016

Yes, it's rated critical for crime. Also, there is a growing concern with the number of extremist muslims going to fight in Syria that has been covered in the news. - May 2016

Trinidad and Tobago has a very serious crime problem. Unfortunately it has the 12th highest homicide rate in the world, however the majority of violent crimes is gang related and centralized in certain high crime areas. If you follow RSO guidance and practice good personal security you should not encounter any problems. Ensure you use your entire residential security system since burglaries occur in every neighborhood. - Jun 2015

yes-Trinidad is a dangerous place but the violence is mostly gang-related. The are where most of the expats live is very safe. There are places that are not recommended to visit after dark. - May 2015

Yes, it's rated critical, the highest rating possible. Assaults and murders are common. Just google the local papers. That said, with the exception of car break ins and a couple of assaults, it really has not affected the diplomatic community. - Aug 2014

There are security concerns everywhere so be on guard. We lived in one of the best developments (Westmoorings) and they were break-ins, robberies, and rape, and that's with 2-3 private security teams patrolling the streets. Seriously, every weekend there are at least 2-5 driving-related deaths, every month at least 1-2 child murders or rape, every week at least 3-5 homicides, and the list goes on. Check the local newspaper(s) online editions for the stats or articles (The Guardian, NewsDay, The Express, The Mirror, The Bomb). Trinidad averages 1.5 deaths per day. Think about this, EVERY home, apartment, business, school, anything has a wall or fence around it with something sharp at the top for wall climbers. - Dec 2013

Crime is an issue, but it's mostly gang violence (small gangs). There are a couple of areas to stay out of, where most of the violence is located. Those areas have nothing to visit anyway. - Oct 2012

Crime is a large problems with Trinidadians impacted by high murder rates and drug-related gang crime. Embassy staff are mostly insulated but should keep their guard up and use their city street smarts. - Feb 2011

Crime is a real and constant threat. No one should go out alone at night, period. - Jan 2011

Crime in Trinidad and Tobago is rampant and no one seems to have the upper hand to stop this, not the government, not the police, and not the people. The government already has this "don't care" attitude and spends millions on unnecessary projects that will not benefit anyone. Trinidad and Tobago has the worst health care system, the worst roads in the world, high food prices, everything. What is the government doing? Simply nothing, just spending taxpayers' hard-earned money. And because of this, a lot of people have turned to crime. Also, the music today has plagued a lot of the young minds in the country: everything is about money, cars, and guns. In a lot of music videos today they portray half-naked women, making them look like sex toys, and men can do anything to them. Hence the reason why there are a lot of rapes in the country. - May 2010

There are many security issues. Some German/Brit expats were killed in the last few weeks on Tobago and it is no longer safe to stay in villas there. On Trinidad it's not safe for gals to drive alone at night unless you are going to/from a specific expat restaurant, hotel, or movie theater. Home/vehicle break-ins are sometimes 'inside jobs' by the security companies working here. The police are corrupt and often kill criminals suspected of murder instead of taking them to trial. You can go to the movie theater, malls, shops in town and main stream restaurants during the day with little/no hassle. - Nov 2009

You have to be really careful here. We live well in the west of Port of Spain in an area called Goodwood Park; there are gated neighborhoods here and also gated housing complexes and communities. There is a lot of crime, but mostly not directed at ex-pats. It's not as safe as most other Caribbean islands. Gang warfare is going on in East Port of Spain (drug related) and there is very ineffective police. Most gang killings are Afro-Trini on Afro-Trini. Most kidnappings occur in East Indian neighborhoods and are Indo-Trini on Indo-Trini. The island is 40% Indian, 39% Afro, 15% mixed, 5% Chinese/Near Eastern/Spanish/European. - Mar 2008

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