Port Of Spain - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the availability of international schools? What has been your general experience with them, if any?

ISPS is where most embassy kids go and its just ok. I would not come here if I had a kid in high school...just not enough options. If you have young kids the school is fine. - Aug 2021

This is a really important issue: for many years there was one option that embassy children and most expats attended, which is the International School of Port of Spain (ISPS). In 2016-2017 things changed a lot. Many embassy parents were not going to send their children there anymore, but a number were also very happy with ISPS. The embassy worked hard with Main State to create another option and brought in a QSI school. It is small but the vast majority of parents and kids like it. The embassy parents and kids at ISPS also seem happy. It's VERY important that a parent and child be aware that there are other options than ISPS but still be very aware that ISPS is a good option for many parents and children. Parents should investigate all options and support multiple options. It might be "easy" to just assume ISPS is only option (or even QSI) but that can not be the case in Port of Spain - Mar 2019

I don’t have any experience with the K-12 international schools but know of families that like both the International School and Maple Leaf. - Apr 2017

There is the International School Port of Spain (IB/MYP program), The Montessori school, St. Andrews (British/Trini school). They all have issues. We enrolled in 1st grade upon arrival at the International School and I wish we'd chosen differently. - Aug 2016

One school, many parents have issues with the school. - May 2016

The International School of Port of Spain is the primary school for expats, diplomats and wealthy Trinis. There are several other private schools that have good reputations. - Jun 2015

Most use ISPS. Most families seem content with the school although they have few international teachers. - Aug 2014

There's one International School for Dip Kids and the wealthy. - Dec 2013

International school was great; all of our kids excelled there and loved it. There is a Canadian school and a British school, too. The local schools are quite good as well and are based on the British school system (standard 1-5; form 1-6). - Oct 2012

People really like the International School. There is a small French school. I've heard mixed things about Maple Leaf. - Feb 2011

Yes, there is a good intl school. - Jan 2011

We have two International Schools, and they are both excellent! The International School and Maple Leaf School. - May 2010

I've heard the international school is very good but don't have experience with this. - Nov 2009

There is the standard American-curriculum based ISTT near Westmoorings. There is also the Canadian curriculum based Maple Leaf International School in Petit Valley. There is also a British Academy. There are numerous public, private (church affiliated) and quasi-public schools, mostly based on the British curriculum. Our children are adults. We know people who have children at both ISTT and Maple Leaf and both are happy with these schools. - Mar 2008

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