Port Of Spain - Post Report Question and Answers

What have been the highlights of your time in this country? Best trips or experiences?

Tobago, Maracas beach, all of the beaches, Bamboo Cathedral, exploring the countryside. - Aug 2021

My children are happy here. - Mar 2019

Carnival: It goes without saying that Jouvert and Carnival are unique cultural experiences in which every expat should participate. Just make sure to ask around for information about mas bands. (A lot of expats play with Flirt, but in any given year there are two dozen from which to choose.)

Music: I’m not a big fan of soca—although it’s hard not to develop an affinity for some of the more popular songs during Carnival—but I could listen to calypso for hours. Calypso Rose is the going artist, particularly since she just won a French Grammy, but Mighty Sparrow, Mighty Shadow, Lord Invader, Roaring Lion, and Brother Valentino are some of the more classic artists. Chalkdust is in vogue at the moment, mainly because he won the 2017 Calypso monarch competition with “Learn from Arithmetic,” a song that takes up the issue of child marriage in T&T.

Hiking: There are a lot of great hikes. Rio Seco, Paria, and Maracas Waterfalls are popular day trips, as is Aripo Cottage. I believe that the rainforest in Tobago has several trails as well.

Birding: Caroni Swamp, which has perhaps the largest concentration of Scarlet Ibises, is a must. Nariva Swamp and Asa Wright Nature Center are also good.

Beaches: Objectively speaking, T&T is probably the worst island in the region when it comes to beaches. Maracas is the most popular but tends to be crowded from Thursday to Sunday. Manzanilla is a trek from POS but is picturesque (it’s lined with coconut trees) and typically has less people. There’s also at least one spot in Macqueripe, but I’ve never been. In Tobago, I like Buccoo, but most people stick to Store Bay and Crown Point.

Tobago: It’s obligatory to do the Nylon Pool and Buccoo Reef tour. (Most people leave from Pidgeon Point, but I recommend getting a 2:00p departure from Buccoo. It’s less expensive and you get to spend more time in the water.) You should plan to visit Store Bay to try Miss Trim’s famous crab and dumplings. You should also consider going to Argyle Falls, which is about an hour’s drive from Scarborough. (It’s best to tackle Argyle and Jemma’s in one fell swoop.) Hikers or people with time on their hands can visit the rainforest, which is located north central Tobago. Finally, most expats partake in Sunday School, which is a sizable block party in Buccoo. - Apr 2017

We leave soon and for us the best parts have been days on the water. We did go to Tobago but with 3 small kids it is hard to experience all of the great outdoor experiences they have to offer. - Aug 2016

The work was good and I enjoyed working with my colleagues. The staff at the embassy was a mixed group, some fantastic, and others absolutely worthless. - May 2016

Exploring the diverse rain forests through hiking and mountain biking. Maracas beach, leatherback turtles, Caroni Swamp, Emperor Valley Zoo and liming. - Jun 2015

We enjoyed Carnival, visiting the turtles, visiting Tobago, hiking and of course, the beach. - May 2015

I'm at a loss here. Sorry. - Aug 2014

Carnival of course but that gets old quickly. Asa Wright Nature Center, Pitch Lake, Tobago (US$50 round trip), mountain hikes, Manzanilla, turtle watching, Maracas Beach/Bay, Bake and Shark, etc And lots of party time here - Trini's love a good party but wait till midnight to go that's when things start here! - Dec 2013

Hiking through the jungle to see Amer-Indian carvings and encampments; hiking to remote beaches; diving; food; spelunking; Divali and the Ramleela plays; Hosay. Carnival is an absolute MUST! - Oct 2012

Playing mas in Carnival, having a beach to ourselves on Tobago, Trini street food - doubles, corn soup, coconut water - Feb 2011

Hiking, Nature, Wildlife/Birds - Jan 2011

Starting my own business, called Expat Housing and Relocation Services, providing relocation services to the expat community moving to Trinidad and Tobago. - May 2010

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