Port Of Spain - Post Report Question and Answers

What typical restaurants, food delivery services, and/or takeout options are popular among expatriates?

Indian, pizza, burgers, doubles (local favorite) all deliver via FoodDrop. For now, restaurants remain closed for in person dining due to Covid-19, but carryout is available. Food here is not that great and going out for sushi or a steak is surprisingly expensive. - Aug 2021

Almost all USA chains are here, but service seems slow. There are some decent places to eat both high and medium end. There are also local establishments with good food. - Mar 2019

Trinidad has a little bit of everything—Italian, French, Thai, Hakka, Chinese, Korean, and, of course, Creole. Buzo, an upscale pizzeria, is the highest-rated restaurant in POS. G Spot, a gourmet food truck on Maraval Road, is a must visit and will be featured on Anthony Bourdain’s “Parts Unknown: Trinidad and Tobago.”

For bake and shark, go to Richard’s in Maracas. Poutine lovers should visit Poutineois in Curepe. In Tobago, a trip to Ciao!, which serves up the best pizza and gelato on either island, is obligatory. Jemma’s Treehouse Kitchen is another Tobagonian restaurant that’s popular with expats. Just make sure to reserve a table before going.

Most of the fast food and pizza chains here—including Papa John’s and KFC—deliver. McDonald’s and Subway are on island as well, as are Domino’s, Church’s, and Popeye’s. There is a TGI Friday’s on the Savannah and at least one Ruby Tuesdays. Haagen-Dazs has a full-scale operation in POS and Dairy Queen has several locations. - Apr 2017

The service is Trinidad is beyond slow so fast food doesn't actually exist. They do have KFC, McDonalds and some other chain restaurants but 45 minutes for a 10-piece nugget meal isn't exactly fast. The takeout options are also limited as there is really no delivery beyond pizza. We eat out occasionally and it is always expensive. The local food/street food is quite good and less expensive. In the evenings there is "The Avenue.' They have street vendors from about 7 p.m. onward and they have gyros, taco stands, local Trini cuisine for very reasonable prices. - Aug 2016

there are but remove the term "fast" as this is not a reality here. - May 2016

KFC (everywhere), Subway, McDonald's, Burger King are all here. There are quite a few nice restuarants in town. There seems to be something for everyone, regardless of your budget. - Jun 2015

Wendys, McDonald's, Subway, PizzaHut, Dominos, Coldstone, and KFC are all here. The menus are slightly different and it's a bit more expensive. There are also plenty of other nice restaurants to choose from. A nice dinner can cost about US$200 if you are drinking. Cocktails are expensive but local beer is really cheep. There are options for all budgets. - May 2015

KFC, Church's chicken, Burger King, Pizza Hut, and a Wendy's. Be patient as the wait for fast food is much longer than you'd expect. - Aug 2014

KFC is big here (I think the KFC in South Quay grossed more revenue in 2010 than any other in the world), a few McDonald's (great chicken), Wendy's, Church's Chicken (local), etc. At night there's plenty of Syrian gyro spots along the avenue. Restaurants include Jaffa ($300 TT), Buzo's ($600 TT), Prime ($800 TT), Texas Brazil ($350 TT pp) and all are good. - Dec 2013

Just about every American fast food franchise is there, but KFC dominated the scene. The best food is purchased on the street from doubles vendors. However, Ariapita Avenue "The Avenue" is seeing a boom in new restaurants, including excellent Indian and Haaka-style food. - Oct 2012

Fast food: Burger King, Church's, KFC, Wendy's just opened, Haagen Daazs, Cold Stone CreameryRestaurants: plenty of modestly priced Caribbean restaurants + Indian and Chinese. Other cuisines are less common or more expensive - decent pizza, okay Thai, expensive steaks. - Feb 2011

KFC is everywhere, literally on every corner. - Jan 2011

Lots of fast food: Pizza Boy, Domino Pizza, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Burger King. $8 to $20 US. - May 2010

KFC is popular here, but there is also Subway, Dominoes Pizza, Ruby Tuesday, TGI Friday and several quality restaurants. There is no problem finding good places to eat. It's just a matter of finding good service at many of the restaurants - Nov 2009

Any fast food except McDonalds. Also, there's Benihana, TGI Fridays, Ruby Tuesday, Tony Roma's, etc. - Mar 2008

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