Port Of Spain - Post Report Question and Answers

Is this a good city for LGBT expatriates? Why or why not?

I think it would be okay. Still some homophobia here (and most of the Caribbean). However, my LGBTQIA friends here have not reported any big issues. - Aug 2021

Yes, although it's not going to 100% progressive but it's better than a lot of places in the region. - Mar 2019

Another hard question to answer. T&T isn’t gay-friendly like Cuba, but it’s not utterly homophobic like Jamaica. There is an LGBTI scene here, but I’m not sure if any expats are involved in it. - Apr 2017

I don't think so. I think they can get around as long as they don't declare their lifestyle. - May 2016

Technically homosexuality is illegal, however there seems to be a tolerance towards gays/lesbians. - Jun 2015

Sure - May 2015

They seem to be able to find establishments which are gay friendly but it's kept quiet. - Aug 2014

Yes, lots of gays and lesbians around. It is not uncommon to see gays and lesbians at a club or the movies. - Dec 2013

Though "being gay" is technically illegal, there were gay bars in the city. Overall, Trini's are very tolerant of just about everything. - Oct 2012

Trinidad and Tobago has unenforced laws, which ban the entry of homosexuals and ban homosexual sex acts. The culture is widely homophobic. GLBT people are most accepted among the more educated classes. - Feb 2011

It is not a good city for gays. The country is very close minded. Gays are advised not be open in the city. - May 2010

I don't belive gays or lesbians are as open here as in the states, but I've heard there are certain clubs, etc. that gays/lesbians can go to. You definitely should research this before going, as you might wander into the wrong part of town and have trouble. - Nov 2009

I doubt it. - Mar 2008

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