Port Of Spain - Post Report Question and Answers

Knowing what you know now, would you still move to this city?

If the borders were open and there were daily flight options to the US, yes. - Aug 2021

Of course. - Mar 2019

Honestly not sure. I prefer cultural activities to sitting on the beach, so I’d live here before going back to Barbados or to some other places in the region—Antigua, St. Kitts, St. Vincent, and Dominica, for example. Having said that, I find The Bahamas, the D.R., St. Lucia, and even Haiti to be more attractive options. I guess it all depends on what you want. - Apr 2017

Yes. - Aug 2016

absolutely not. - May 2016

Probably not with young kids. It has been a struggle to keep them occupied. Overall I have enjoyed my tour here and met many incredible Trinidadians and expats, however after 2 years it is time to move on. - Jun 2015

no-It's not terrible but island fever sets in a few months after arriving. - May 2015

No. - Aug 2014

Maybe but only if crime was reduced and the country had an attitude adjust; so basically no. - Dec 2013

Absolutely! - Oct 2012

Maybe. - Feb 2011

No, and I would warn friend and foe alike: stay away if you care for your safety or if you care about keeping up professional standards in your work. - Jan 2011

YES! - May 2010

NO - run the other direction unless you are a rich oil barron/spouse or young person who wants to party. - Nov 2009

Yes. The mountains, birds and rainforest are great! And we can go to Tobago for the beach. - Mar 2008

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