Port Of Spain - Post Report Question and Answers

What household or grocery items do you wish you had shipped to post?

Mexican food products, liquor (VERY expensive here, unless you drink local rum). You can get most items here...you just have to pay for them. You can get most items (except liquids) shipped to Post. If you need to buy large items (furniture, toys for kids, etc.) place that in your HHE as we do not have DPO, only pouch. - Aug 2021

Depends on how particular you are about items. - Mar 2019

I’d recommend bringing fabric softener. If you have any special shaving creams, shampoos, colognes, etc., you should pack them as well. Some products are readily available while others are nearly impossible to find. - Apr 2017

Port of Spain isn't a consumable post for us and we can order in somethings through our mail services. I can get what I need that way, rather than buy locally. - Aug 2016

a ticket home - May 2016

Kids bikes, pool furniture, a boat! - Jun 2015

more rugs-everything is tile floor. - May 2015

As much as you can as everything here is expensive. You can find most everything, just be prepared to pay. - Aug 2014

Nothing really, everything is available here but can be expensive. - Dec 2013

Boogie boards, beach towels, fishing pole. - Oct 2012

Small appliances and household goods can be expensive with heavy duties. We inexplicably paid a small fortune for an ironing board. You should come with a mostly-ready household. - Feb 2011

Food, canned items. - Jan 2011

Organic salad dressing. - May 2010

Any tolietries, clothing or favorite foods you ship here will save you money. Most items are available for purchase locally but are more expensive. - Nov 2009

Not much. Books are not too expensive here. We We were allowed one air container, not large, and brought some kitchen items, some linen and decor items, lots of sports stuff, a boom box, etc. - Mar 2008

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