Port Of Spain - Post Report Question and Answers

Is this a "shopping post"? Are there interesting handicrafts, artwork, antiques, or other items that people typically buy there?

Nope. Rum if you like it. That's all. Nothing to buy here. - Aug 2021

No. - Mar 2019

Chocolate: Believe it or not, T&T has the most varieties of cocoa in the world. The chocolate here has a distinct earthy, fruity flavor. If you love all things chocolate—rum balls, candy bars, cold drinks, and even tea and alcohol—visit the Cocoa Pod on Gordon Street in Port of Spain.

Peppers: The hottest peppers in the world can be found on island. Pepper sauce and chadon beni (pronounced “shadow bennie”) are ubiquitous, with Mother in Law being the hottest of them all.

Artwork/Handicrafts: You may find a couple of cool things in Tobago, but T&T as a whole isn’t known for its curios. - Apr 2017

Not really. Everything is expensive/imported. - Aug 2016

nothing; they don't make anything here - May 2016

Rum, beer, doubles, bake and shark, snow cones. - Jun 2015

nothing - May 2015

Nothing. - Aug 2014

Pan instruments. - Dec 2013

Carnival costumes. There isn't really an art scene in TT with the exception of Carnival, so spend your $$ on a great carnival costume/band. - Oct 2012

Some art, some batik - this is not really a shopping post. Local coffee and cocoa. - Feb 2011

Rum. - Jan 2011

Great dining. - May 2010

Vacations away from Trinidad. - Nov 2009

Not much. This is not a crafts island. Calabash items, some carvings. Copper and brass jewelry are beautiful. Baskets. Some pottery. Textiles, nice quilted and batiked items. Batiked silk scarves. Rasta leather goods. Paintings. - Mar 2008

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