Port Of Spain - Post Report Question and Answers

Can you save money?

it depends. Things are so expensive that it's hard to go out so in that regard you can save lots. On the other hand, if you insist on going out, you will not save anything. - May 2016

Yes, if you never leave the island. - Jun 2015

yes because you don't pay living expenses. The low gas price offsets the high grocery bill. There is also very limited shopping and entertainment so you can save lots. - May 2015

No, everything is expensive. - Aug 2014

No. - Dec 2013

Yes, if you don't travel to nearby islands, as the flight costs are insanely high. - Oct 2012

We've spent a lot of money on flights to nearby islands which are short but expensive (often $300 for a 45-minute flights) - Feb 2011

No. - Jan 2011

No. - May 2010

NO - everything is imported, and the salary does not cover the expenses here. - Nov 2009

We are trying. It's not Trinidad --it's our booking trips to other islands that costs. - Mar 2008

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