Port Of Spain - Post Report Question and Answers

Are there any particular health concerns? What is the quality of available medical care? What medical conditions typically require medical evacuation?

Healthcare here is ok. They can deal with most "normal" issues, but anything that requires a specialist, you most likely will be sent to the US. The dentists are good, but just slightly less expensive than the US. - Aug 2021

Emergency care can be hit and miss. Specialist care can be quite good. Pediatricians are good but you have to make effort to know doctors. Don't show up and think they will just fit you in or take an emergency because you are a diplomat or other expat. - Mar 2019

Medical care ranges from subpar to crudely on par with the U.S. Mt. Hope offers free medical services but the wait is often long and the wards operate on a first-come, first-serve basis. Most expats use West Shore Medical Center or St. Clair. It’s possible to find American- or British-trained doctors. Dentists and some specialists tend to be well qualified and able to perform minor procedures. For anything major, I’d go back to the U.S.

In terms of health issues, polluted water is a concern. A 2016 report found high levels of lead and other chemicals in the drinking water, but the Water and Safety Authority has assured us (and independent testing has confirmed) that everything is filtered out prior to consumption. - Apr 2017

Mosquito born illnesses are a problem here, most recently Zika. There are a couple of hospitals and they are below U.S. standards. We've been for childhood illnesses (ear infections) and it was an issue to be seen as there was no pediatrician working. There are a lot of doctors available with various educational backgrounds (some from the US, UK, Trini, etc).

Dental care seems to be fairly good here. - Aug 2016

poor medical services. - May 2016

Dengue and Chikungunya are very common. Public hospitals are horrible and there have been numerous press reports of fatalities during child birth and common surgeries. Although there is an emergency medical service, the response times are unacceptable. If you are injured in any way, your best course of action is to self medevac to the closest hospital. Private medical care is good, make sure you have your credit card since payment is required prior to services! - Jun 2015

Medical care is ok at best. It's hard to get a doctor's appointment and most practices consist of just one doctor. The pediatrician I use had terrible hours and you generally have to wait at least an hour to get in. The hospitals are not close to U.S. standards. There are not a lot of ambulances and if you ever were seriously hurt and had to go to the public hospital, you would be in trouble! - May 2015

Everyone goes to the U.S. for serious health concerns. - Aug 2014

Dengue fever is a concern and the medical care is suspect. Everyone I know either travels to the States or Canada for specialized treatment. - Dec 2013

You can drink the water out of the tap; street vendors are very clean. Dengue fever will be your biggest threat (I suffered from it). - Oct 2012

Medical care is only okay. Anything serious should be handled in Miami (many daily flights just 4 hours away) - Feb 2011

None, but physician options are very limited. - Jan 2011

No serious concerns. Healthcare is not very good. There are two great private hospitals: St Clair Medical Center and West Shore Medical Center. - May 2010

If you go to the local General Hospital you might not survive. Expats / Embassy staff use two private hospitals and receive quality care. Embassy staff cannot deliver babies here due to lack of prenatal care. Going to the doctor for colds and minor ailments should not be a problem. - Nov 2009

On Trinidad it's fine with two good private hospitals and some good doctors; lots of good dentists. On Tobago there is none for practical purposes. Get back to Trinidad. Don't get sick on Tobago. - Mar 2008

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