Port Of Spain - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the typical dress code at work and in public places? Is formal dress ever required?

Pretty casual. At the office, some wear suits and ties and other professional attire. However, some staff where khakis and button-down shirts. If you have a meeting with local officials, you must wear a suit and tie and women must cover their shoulders. I learned that one the hard way. - Aug 2021

Normal business but be aware it's hot so evening events folks will remove ties/etc. Formal dress is rarely required. - Mar 2019

Business casual for the most part. Some restaurants have a dress code—which usually means no sleeveless shirts or flip flops for men—but the establishments that do enforce said codes spottily. Young women tend to dress more provocatively than their American counterparts. During Carnival, everything goes. - Apr 2017

Dress at the embassy is business casual. It's an island so a little more casual than other places. Formal attire would only be for certain meetings or evening events. - Aug 2016

very formal - May 2016

Business or business casual in most work settings. Casual outside of work, however many establishments require pants/shoes. - Jun 2015

Some nice restaurants require men to wear pants and shoes, no flip flops. - May 2015

More formal than you might expect for such a hot and humid place. - Aug 2014

Casual dress mostly aka dress shirt and tie unless you're in the public eye then a suit for men. Women typically wear a professional suit or dress. Trini women tend to wear tight clothing and revealing wear, it's a very sexually-oriented culture (IMHO). - Dec 2013

Business attire at work, casual in public, dressed up again when going out in the evening. - Oct 2012

People dress up to "lime" (party). Business attire at work - Feb 2011

Formal per British traditions. - Jan 2011

Very conservative. - May 2010

In public, trinis often wear jeans, even in the heat; shorts are not common for women, but skirts, capris, casual dresses and tropical weight pants are a good idea. The dress code at work is business casual -- wear a suit if you attend meetings, but one is not necessary otherwise. There are occasions for cocktail dresses and formal wear if you attend events at the Hilton or formal business receptions. - Nov 2009

Not as formal as some islands. It's neat and tidy. Local women go for rather bare tops often, but expats not so much. (Of course, this does not refer to Carnival.) - Mar 2008


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