Port Of Spain - Post Report Question and Answers

Morale among expats:

I believe it was relatively good, however, we made so many Trini friends we never hung out with many expats. Some people went from work to home and never got out. I think they were unhappy. - Oct 2012

Mixed. Some people have been rendered catatonic by crime fears and never leave their apartments before curtailing. Others see a pretty place with great beaches that is an easy flight back to States if family issues necessitate. Like all places, it is what you make it. - Feb 2011

The place is imploding little by little; seems totally ungovernable and lawless; nothing seems to work to reduce crime and insecurity. The US Embassy is a pit of bad morale and is marked by a shockingly high rate of resignations/curtailments. - Jan 2011

Many have trouble fitting in and getting used to the culture. - May 2010

Good among oil wives who get to know each other through yoga, language lessons, American wives groups, etc. Morale at the embassy is bad if you are not here for the partying. - Nov 2009

Corporate, good, but they tend to hang with their corporate circles. Parents of ISTT or MLIS kids good, but they tend to hang with their school. I've heard that the embassies are sort of up and down in morale as there is a lot of turnover. The local government is very entrenched and good at lining their own pockets so the expat community tends to get rather cynical. - Mar 2008

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