Port Of Spain - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the relative size of the expatriate community? How would you describe overall morale among expatriates?

Small and quite low due to Covid. I can see the expat community here thriving under normal circumstances, but all of the closures have taken their toll. Many expats have left. - Aug 2021

No idea on size, it's shrinking as economy downsizes and oil and gas sector changes. Morale is overall ok but the crime issue is starting to weigh on people, but this is can be very/very decent place to live - Mar 2019

For such a small country, the expat community is sizeable. Morale is mixed, largely because customer service is nonexistent and Trinidad isn’t the island paradise that most people are expecting. Based on my interactions and anecdotal information, it seems that the oil company folks have a better experience than do members of the diplomatic corps. - Apr 2017

The expat community is very large due to the oil companies that also reside here. The embassy community is small and everyone kind of does their own thing. - Aug 2016

small expat size, poor morale. - May 2016

There is a rather large expat community here for such a small island. People associated with the oil industry and the diplomatic corps make up the majority of the expat community. Overall I would say morale is positive. It is all what you make of it here. - Jun 2015

The size is small but morale is good. - May 2015

Small expat community. Morale varies from very poor to moderate, depending on one's ability to keep occupied. - Aug 2014

Small community with very low morale, most U.S. expats want to leave and most Canadians are not far behind. - Dec 2013

Pretty large, due to the booming oil industry. - Oct 2012

Pretty big considering it's a small island - more oil company families than diplomats. - Feb 2011

Large, mostly US/British/Canadian but very diverse due to the construction and oil industry. - Jan 2011

There is a large expat community. Lots of oil and gas expats. - May 2010

Difficult to say. Not all embassies are represented here. There is also a large oil community. Spouses meet each other through classes and events. - Nov 2009

Sizable, but a lot of them are oil workers. There are a dozen women's clubs for expats of all types, and a huge hurricane-season yacht community that rides out the season down here for insurance reasons. - Mar 2008

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