Port Of Spain - Post Report Question and Answers

How much of the local language do you need for daily living? Are local language classes/tutors available and affordable?

English speaking...but lots of slang. - Aug 2021

English-speaking country although the accent and slang can be tough for some who are not use to it. It does sound almost like sing-song version of English. - Mar 2019

Trinidad and Tobago is English-speaking, but most expats have a problem understanding Trinis, at least at first. The problem is a mix of the accent and the fact that many locals, particularly those in food service, speak softly or mumble. - Apr 2017

They speak English but it can be very hard to understand. - Aug 2016

they speak English although it can be difficult to understand at times. - May 2016

English is the official language. - Jun 2015

none - May 2015

Trinidad can be difficult to understand. Asking them politely to repeat themselves may result in some attitude. - Aug 2014

English is spoken here but in the south it's hard to understand the dialect. - Dec 2013

None, TT is an English-speaking country. - Oct 2012

English is the language. - Feb 2011

English is used. - Jan 2011

English. - May 2010

English is the official language, although Hindi is spoken in some areas amongst the residents, and trini-slang is spoken frequently amongst the locals. Ask them to speak slowly if you don't understand them and they usually do, with no problems. Depending upon the person's background, they can be easy or difficult to understand. - Nov 2009

English is the language, but Trini can be hard to understand, harder than the other English-based Creole on some of the other islands. - Mar 2008

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